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A shortened version of the web log, a blog, is an extremely popular medium of communication. People use it as a journal or a soapbox, to talk of day to day activities or sound off on issues troubling them. Anyone can start a blog, which is where its strength lies.

So you have expectant mothers talking of doctors’ visits and nursery plans, students talking of classes and individuals reviewing movies and music. Blogs are so liked that even companies maintain a blog apart from the official website. The former allows customers to interact with the company freely thanks to the informal vibe blogs carry with them.

So far we’ve talked about general blogging but a new idea that’s creating a buzz is niche marketing. As the name suggests, niche blogging is blogging about something specific, a niche market or a nice idea. There is debate on which is better- niche or general blogging and here are some reasons why the former seems to have an edge.


Once you’ve decided what niche you fit into, if you write great content-filled articles, you garner a lot of credibility for yourself. You will quickly establish yourself as an expert in the field and this will help drive more traffic to your blog. If you want your blog to make money for you, that could be simplified too and you might see an increase in revenue when you see an increase in numbers.


Because yours is a niche blog, the kind of customers who visit your site will be drawn to the topic and that builds a group of loyal readers who have a clear idea in their minds. You can build yourself a virtual commune where there is a free exchange of ideas and thoughts, disagreements and debates. The sense of belonging is very strong in niche blogs because people feel like they are part of a bigger picture.

Search ability


A blog needs to be easily seen on search engines. This is essential to build a firm base and increase popularity and readership. Niche blogs seem to perform better on search engines and create visibility for bloggers. This is a big reason why niche blogs are better.


Not just serious minded followers, your blog will also attract serious advertisers. Niche blogs have specific advertisements which readers are more inclined to click on because they are the intended group. Thus the ads are contextual and work very well for readers who see use for them.


Considering that a niche blog creates a sense of community with free flowing discussions being par for the course, as a blogger who will never run out of ideas for new blog posts. Blogs are a great way to think about life and your subject area and this again is a good reason why you should consider niche blogs.


Since you’re talking of a specific topic, you can write more and write better. It is not a difficult task because you’re indulging in something you feel very strongly about and you don’t spread yourself too thin.

There are many topics that are ever-popular. For instance, you can’t go wrong writing about weight loss, animals, travel and food, among others. Niche blogging is a great way to make connections, build a formidable reputation, write more and learn more. Go explore this exciting writing option today!

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Sasha loves to write about technology stuffs in any field. She has been a writer/blogger for four years and currently working for Internet Bundles where you can find great offers and details about verizon internet.

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