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10 Fantastic Visual Search Engines for Adventurous Internet Users

I have always been a visual person. For some reason, it has always been easier for me to remember images rather than words, and I am pretty sure I am not the only one in this situation. The truth is that the world today has become more visual than verbal. People have grown tired of reading books, they would rather watch the movie instead, We no longer have time to read articles, we prefer to scroll through endless pages of images, or stare in awe at visually delicious pieces of art work.

This is exactly why certain developers have considered that it is time to change the way that search engines work. They have created search platforms which extend beyond the capabilities of Google’s Image query section, and although most internet users cannot imagine using something else than Google or Bing for searches, visual search engines might just change their mind. Without further ado, here are the best 10 devices for visually exploring the internet.

1. TouchGraph

1. TouchGraph

TouchGraph is without a doubt one of the most useful visual tools to have in your toolset. There is no better way to understand how the world wide web works, than my using this great search engine. Developers have made it their mission to explain the way things work together, and how everything is connected. In other word, TouchGraph will provide the user with a unique experience. The technology powered by Google, is completely customizable. If you are passionate about computers and technology, you can create your very own map with the help of Java.

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Anna Robeson

Anna Robeson

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