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Google Reader allowed users to view all of their favorite web feeds in one place. When it was closed on July 2, 2013, many mourned its loss. Millions of people are now searching for solid alternatives to Google Reader. With hundreds of different RSS readers out there, it’s becoming quite a challenge to find the perfect replacement.

If you are still looking for a replacement, look no further. Today we collected the best alternatives available. Read the list below and find out which reader is the right solution for your needs.



Many users that switched to Feedly after losing Google Reader have admitted to liking Feedly better. The view options that Feedly offers are more appropriate than Google’s options. You can choose view options to match the content’s theme. Feedly is available on nearly any device, and users can easily customize display for all devices. Feedly makes it easy to navigate through hundreds of feeds. All of its features may be overwhelming at first, but once you learn to use it, you’ll learn to love it.


Digg Reader


Digg is a website that allows users to vote for the content they like and increase the content’s site rating. Digg recently developed Digg Reader, a new RSS feed reader with a stunning layout. One really helpful feature for old Google Reader fans is that Digg Reader lets you easily import your feeds. The reader is intuitive. your feeds are on the left and your feed content displays in the center. Digg Reader can make you feel at home.


G2 Reader


G2 Reader makes Google Reader users content by giving them Google Alerts, along with their favorite feeds. Feeds appear on the left and feed content appears in the middle, as is the case for many RSS feed readers. One feature that G2 Reader has allows users to share feed items that interest them with others. You can also follow other users and check out some of their favorite feeds. The reader has a very class, polished design that Google Reader fans are bound to love.


AOL Reader


It was surprising when AOL made an RSS feed reader. However, the reader is actually minimalistic, fast, and easy-to-use. Google Reader fans will love all three of these qualities. It’s not that innovative, as there aren’t any new, interesting RSS feed reader features. It still has the potential to become a classic, because most users value simplicity in an RSS feed reader. You can use AOL Reader on many devices, since there are Android and iOS apps for the reader. If AOL continues to produce this quality of product, they may rise to the top again.




Newsblur saw a large influx of users after Google Reader closed. One alluring aspect of this RSS feed reader is that it has a ton of features. You can customize your reader experience significantly; so, many users can get the exact experience they want. Newsblur has a recommendation feature. It also allows users to make keyboard shortcuts. Newsblur allows users to add 64 sites. If users would like to add more than that, they can pay $24 a year. If you are an avid RSS feed reader fan, it’s worth the money.


The Old Reader


The Old Reader is perfect for users who loved Google Reader so much that they don’t think any other reader could ever satisfy them. The Old Reader looks just like Google Reader did a couple of years ago, before it underwent a major update. One of the most important things about this reader is that it’s intuitive and simple. You can follow other users and explore some of their favorite feeds. The Old Reader even has the social sharing options that Google Reader used to have.




NetVibes is a good RSS feed reader choice to users who want to have a lot of control over the feed’s appearance. NetVibes offers a ton of options to customize the feed. This doesn’t mean that you have to use them, however. You can also choose just to view the feed alone. You can also manage and create widgets, which will help you organize your feeds or folders. This reader is a good choice for users who are only interested in viewing their RSS feed while they are on their computer. There aren’t currently any mobile apps for NetVibes.




Pulse is a good choice for users who want a flashy RSS feed reader. Your feeds are on the left and your feed items are tiled in the center. Images are included with each post. This design looks as good on computers as it does on mobile devices. This is pretty different from Google Reader, but if you’re ready for a drastic change, Pulse might just be the reader for you.


If you’re going to be spending a lot of time in your RSS feed reader, you should pick one that’s perfect for you. May websites are taking advantage of this entire fiasco, so be sure not to go all in on one specific reader. Try out a few and after a week or so figure out which one works best for you. It’s no longer acceptable to pout over Google Reader closing. Companies like Digg and AOL have responded quickly to bring powerful, clean RSS feed readers to Google Reader fans.

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  1. I prefer the HootSuite syndicator app, it’s totally integrated with my social media dashboard. Give it a try:

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