Five Programs to Follow and Unfollow on Twitter |

Five Programs to Follow and Unfollow on Twitter

It goes without saying that some Twitter accounts are just less than beneficial to follow. Yet, at the same time, there are some accounts that you just don’t want to miss out on. People are constantly tweeting inspirational and informational content that is bound to make your life better. So how do you find the balance?

Today we would like to provide you with a few tools to empower your Twitter experience. Listed below are sites that can not only help you figure out how to unfollow the right people, but sites that can help you follow the right ones.


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1) is a site that helps you manage your Twitter account. Unlike most unfollow sites that I find, this one allows for plenty of filters to help organize who you want to unfollow. They even have a “spam score” filter so you can seek out those you follow who have been reported as being possible spam. All too often I find sites that list the people who don’t follow back without any other reasoning as to why one should unfollow. This site does the extra work.

2) Who.Unfollowed.Me.

When you first sign up, this is a “lite” version of the full site. You can still benefit from this program because it does allow you to see who unfollowed you, as well as people you aren’t following back. Be sure to check back in on a regular basis as it does consistently update your Twitter account’s unfollow information.


I have found the TwitCleaner to be the most organized of these sites. It simplifies everything by laying it out all on one page from a report you have the site generate. It’s easy enough to unfollow, as you simply click on the profile image that you have unfollowed.


This site is more indirect – it doesn’t actually list potential people for you to follow, but you do run a report for your Twitter account and your follower behavior. When it’s done, it allows you to know the primary time, during the day, to tweet. It’s very helpful to know when to reach your existing followers and to get your message out to more people.


One of the best ways to obtain followers on Twitter is through interaction. What better way to increase your interaction on Twitter than with a site that helps you do just that? After you sign up, gives you questions based on frequent subjects on your Twitter account. You can reply to the questions, and this is a way of reaching out to new potential users.

Twitter is not an easy beast to conquer. You can easily get lost in the confusion, but when you manage your account well, you are increasing your odds of success. We hope the following tools will help your news feed be more exiting!

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Amanda Greene

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