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I noticed there were many posts and articles centralizing on specific typographical categories, or offering a particular list of free fonts. After browsing around, I figured it might be useful to put together a big list of the highest rated and preferred resources for fonts and typography. The following is the culmination of my findings along with some bonus links and materials. I am sure there are some I may have missed, so feel free to add what you’d like in the comments section.


Top Rated Free Font Sites

Over 13,000 Free Fonts via AbstractFonts

Over 20,000 Free Fonts via FontSpace

Way Over 1001 Free Fonts via 1001FreeFonts

100 Free Fonts via WebDesign

45 Free Brand Fonts via RiptApparel

50 Fantastic and Free Fonts via FinePrintNYC

Mostly Free and Awesome Fonts via 1stWebDesigner

26 Free Experimental Fonts via WebDesignLedger

24 Famous Free Fonts via Mashable

***Bonus Free Font Websites***

Hundreds via FontSquirrel

Hundreds via TheLeagueofMoveableType

Hundreds via GoogleFonts

Hundreds via UrbanFonts

Hundreds via AcidFonts

Top Rated Paid Font Sites


Webfont solution for design professionals via Typography

Specialized in rare and unique old typefaces via LetterHeadFonts

High quality fonts for print and web directly from designers via TypotheQue

“America’s first independent font retailer” via Fonthaus

High quality fonts and custom type design via Type Together

Font Creation Tools

Free online font-building tool via Fontstruct

Outline font editor via FontForge

Fully functional freeware font editor via Cr8Software

Online font generator turning your handwriting into fonts via YourFonts

“The world’s most popular font editor” via High-Logic

Powerful font editor for designers via Fontlab

Typography Guides

Extensive Typography Development & Resource Guide via SmashingMagazine

Typography Development & Resource Guide via Microsoft

Creating your own font via Wired

Fonts & Typography – Communities

A place to share and discuss awesome fonts via Fonts Subreddit

A place for the arts of typesetting and glyph design via Typography Subreddit

Top Typography Forums via Typophile

Another Popular Typography Forum via TalkGraphics

A resourceful design forum via Estetica-Design

Inspiration Sites and Examples

One of top typography blogs via Typostrate

Blog dedicated to providing tips and resources to design community via InspireYourWay

A popular fonts and typography blog via IloveTypography

Features top work in various typography categories via Typography Served

Popular Pinterest Board from designer, David Schwen

Typography Inspiration via InspirationFeed

Typography projects from the latest top online portfolios via Behance

Awesome typography-infographic via Six Revisions

Awesome typography and design-infographic via 12 Palms Recovery Centers

Awesome graphic design-infographic via Glantz Design

Curated gallery of type-related content via We Love Typography

Bonus Typography Resources/Links

Awesome Fonts of 2012 via DesignWorkLife

Famous Fonts Over Time via MinesPress

Typographical Symbols via Wikipedia

HUGE collection of design inspiration and resources via Reddit /u/ julian88888888

Awesome video on the History of Typography via Ben Barrett-Forrest

A list of 28 great typography blogs and websites via Designer-Daily

Thanks for visiting! Inspiration can come from many places, often unexpected. Fortunately, this list is full of inspiration and I’m certain at least one of these links will get your creative juices flowing!

Do you have additional resources to add? I’m sure you do – feel free to add them below!


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Posted by Jesse Aaron

Written by Jesse Aaron ([email protected]) is a professional blogger with a passion for homebrewing. He writes on a variety of topics on his blog, Mashbout. Follow Jesse on Google Plus.


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  2. Hi Alex, nice contribution! Hope you found this list useful.

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