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Why use an online file storage service? It’s really all up to you. But if you want to back up files and to ensure that valuable documents, photos and videos, are stored appropriately, then consider the convenience and benefits that online storage facilities offer. Remember that although physical files give you the satisfaction of actually being able to hold files, there are a number of concerns as regards storing these.

For one, space is a serious matter to be concerned with, particularly for small and large businesses. They would have to rent a separate office just for storing papers and other documents. In addition, these files will probably be destroyed by natural calamities, like floods, tornadoes or earthquakes. Thus, it’s always a good idea to have back ups of vital files or documents that you want to keep for future generations to enjoy.

So, the companies that will be discussed below provide online file storing services. All companies got 3 to 4 stars from users, with 4 being the best. These are also fairly safe to use because most of these services encrypt files which are only accessible with the use of passwords. Technical support isn’t a problem as well because several methods are on hand to guide users, including manuals, email and telephone support, and video tutorials.

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$8.50 to $10.00/month for max storage

Carbonite, JustCloud and Mozy JustCloud ($9.95) supports almost all vital features that you look for in an online storage facility, from file sharing, custom link sharing, restoring deleted files, drag and drop upload, and many more. Both JustCloud and Carbonite ($8.25) offer unlimited storage space, while Mozy supports only about 100GB. Incidentally, the most expensive of the three is Mozy, charging $9.99 monthly for maximum storage. Still, all can be accessed through various mediums, like mobile, web or desktop; but Carbonite does not have mobile and multiple computer synching capabilities. All three support the following platforms: Windows 7, Vista, XP and the Mac OS.

$14.99 to $25.00/month for max storage

Online document storage service providers within this range include the following: YouSendIt ($14.99), OpenDrive ($15.00), DropBox ($19.99), ElephantDrive ($19.95), and SugarSync (24.99). When it comes to storage, YouSendIt offers unlimited space, while OpenDrive and ElephantDrive offers 500 GB of space for the monthly fee stated. You’ll get about 100GB of space with DropBox and 250GB for SugarSync. As for file features, YouSendIt does not have incremental or scheduled back up services, nor does it have file restoration services. But it has other vital features, including document sharing, drag-and-drop upload, and event logs.

OpenDrive and SugarSync also supports most beneficial features except for event logging, while ElephantDrive has file and link sharing, restoration of deleted files, event logging, and drag-and-drop upload. DropBox offers all features that users may require. All three are accessible through all devices, from smartphones to desktops, except for the ElephantDrive, which does not have mobile synching. These are also supported by vital Windows and Mac operating systems.

$44.99 to $45.00/month for max storage

This group includes Egnyte Hybrid Cloud ($44.99) and Box ($45.00). Although both do not provide unlimited space, they do offer 1TB or terabyte for document storage, which is around 1,024 gigabytes. This is really a huge space for all sorts of files. Egnyte is a better option because it possesses most functional features, while Box only offers file, folder and custom link sharing, as well as file restoration services. Both can be accessed by almost all sorts of devices, except for Box, which cannot be opened using desktop applications. Again, these are supported by popular Windows and Mac platforms.

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Posted by Claire Davidson

Working for a Chicago document storage facility has allowed Claire Davidson to gain knowledge and experience about all sorts of physical and electronic storage services. She is truly an expert who has helped countless individuals and businesses with their document storage concerns.

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