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Travel websites need to be beautiful and tempt you in with gorgeous images of far flung places. Some blogs take it a step beyond and make the whole experience a joy. Be it the design, the images, the writing or an inventive feature. We take a look at some of the best around.

Fox Nomad

Quite simply the best for advice on all those quirky challenges you’ll face when travelling. Visa queries, how to unlock cell phones, wireless passwords around the world… You name it, Anil Polat has written about it. In a former life he was a professional hacker! He’s incredibly well travelled and offers live chats to answer your questions in real time. He aims to visit every country in the world in his lifetime.

Canvas of Light

Arguably the best travel photographer, Daniel Nahabedian’s website is so aspirational. The latest entry in his blog (31st Aug 2012) is entitled “Sun Rays, Clouds and Time Lapse in Chiang Mai” and the images just melt your heart. His pictures of Paris are like oil paintings. True art.

Neverending Footsteps

A beautiful looking blog, Lauren Juliff sets out her entries like a journal. The look is all faded tickets, sepia colour tones and nice, big images. She is brutally honest about her travels, and in fact says that she is showing how not to travel. Her site, however, does demonstrate how to make a travel blog look really good.

7 Cool List

Everyone loves a good list. If you’re the sort of person who likes to pick travel destinations by sticking a pin in a globe, then this is the site to visit. The Top 7 Amazing & Incredible Drowned Churches is a fine example of the quirky travel info you’ll find here.

Over Yonder Lust

The title of the blog is cool enough, but the couple behind it, Erica and Shaun, are really cool and brave pioneers for the less-brave-at-heart amongst us. They blog about their exploits in a light-hearted and newsy way.

Camels and Chocolate

Subtitled “tales from a travel addict” and you can tell why! Useful posts on packing, first hand destination reviews and a beautiful format. No wonder this site has won so many awards, including Best Travel Weblog three years running! The travel journalist, Kristin Luna (awesome name!) manages to combine the beautiful and the useful.

Sandstone and Amber

Gorgeous, gorgeous and more gorgeous! Indian sari material seems to adorn the background of this site by Polish blogger Anya. Added to the theme are pencil scribbles, torn paper and paint smears. The overall feel of the blog is a travel scrapbook from a girl who really loves to travel.

Living If

What if… is the general gist of this motivating travel blog. Another couple who simply decided their ‘what if?’ was to travel the world. And tell people about it. All about it. In nitty gritty detail.

Johnny Vagabond

Johnny is, going “around the world, low and slow”. It’s the ideal travel blog if you’re on a budget and want to see the world. Backpackers take note! A great storyteller, his crazy stories and funny photos will warm your heart and make you laugh.

The Everywhereist

You can tell immediately that this is going to be a humorous one, and Geraldine’s site doesn’t disappoint. But dig a little deeper into why she’s made this great site and there’s a really touching reason behind it. Geraldine has to travel round with her husband for work, and after being laid off from her job she made this blog as a lasting love letter to him. Nawww!

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