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Which one do you have – Skype or Google Voice? This is a very common question among the smartphone users. People stay in touch around the clock with their family and friends across countries free of cost. Life has now become more convenient with advanced technologies like VoIP. But, what is VoIP? VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) technology transmits your voice through Internet Protocol rather than PSTN (Public Switched Telephone Network).

The days when you paid your hard-earned bucks for calling your friends are gone. Now, within seconds you can connect via Internet to anybody living anywhere in the world. There are many free mobile apps that let you make free calls over the Internet. You just need to download the apps to your smartphone and talk endlessly to your friends and family for free. Here’s a list of apps you can download to make free calls and a few tips on using them:

Google Voice:

It’s one among the best way to make free phone calls over the Internet. The Google Voice service lets you do a lot more than just make free phone calls as it’s more of a phone number management system. With Google Voice service you can make three types of free calls – PC to PC calls, PC to phone calls and phone to phone calls. You can read transcripts, send free text messages, listen to voicemail, etc.

The only drawback with Google Voice is that the free calls are limited to call duration of three hours – at the end of which you will be disconnected. This is indeed a kind of occasional annoyance rather than a restriction as; you can call the same number again countless number of times. In simple words, Google Voice is the easiest way to make crystal clear free calls over the Internet.


Skype is the world’s best service for free calls over the internet. On an average 124 million people use it per month and this count is increasing every day. Through Skype accounts, you can talk to multiple people around the world as long as you want, without spending even a cent. But when it comes to calling a mobile number, you need to buy Skype credits.

The sound quality is pretty much impressive while the video quality has some defects. The Skype app also allows you to send messages to your Skype contacts. That’s not all, Skype offers you unlimited minute subscriptions to call your Skype Contacts. The best part about Skype is that even less tech-savvy individuals find it easy to use.


iCall is one among the best apps that lets you make free phone calls over the Internet. You just need to download the app and sign up for a free iCall account. After the sign up process, you can login to your account and call any number for free. The drawback with iCall is that the free call time duration is only 5 minutes, which seems incredibly short. When it comes to the new flash-based version of iCall, the free call duration is even more limited to three minutes. However, you are free to make calls to the same number countless number of times required.

It’s not just these apps, there are many more in the list like EvaPhone, FreePhone2Phone, VoIP Buster, Globe7, etc. With these apps, you can talk endlessly to your friends without counting the minutes. In simple words, apps like Skype and Google Voice are the best alternatives for the expensive cell phone calling plans.

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