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Tumblr is a great place for creative’s, especially designers. You can find so many cool things on tumblr, that you will lose track of time. With more and more tumblogs created daily, its becoming very hard to find and or keep track of great resourceful sites. The directory that Tumblr provides is good, but not that engaging. This is where we come in and help. We have managed to ask around our wonderful followers on twitter, and they told us some of their favorite design based Tumblogs.

1. Startupquote

As you can probably guess, Startup quote is a website for inspiring quotes from the biggest names in the industry.

2. Houseofbuttons

A collection of great UI buttons spotted in the wild.

3. TypographyFeed

As the name suggests TypographyFeed is your number one source for daily typography inspiration. With a clean design and a color navigation, getting inspiration could never be so simple!

4. Art in my coffe

Art in My Coffee is a Tumblr blog which catalogs latte art from all around the world.

5. Clients from Hell

A collection of anonymously contributed client horror stories from designers.

6. Pprettifyit

Provides stunning icons, wallpapers, and other downloads.

7. Betalist

Like every other designer, new startups are exiting! This is the reason we included BetaList. They provide newly launched startups daily.

8. Bookshelfporn

Blog for book lovers. A photo blog collection of all the best bookshelf photos from around the world for people who *heart* bookshelves.

9. Inspire Me Now

This blog has some of the best inspiration resources you can find. It make you look at things differently and figure out the hidden meaning.

10. PSD Turtle

Download the latest icons, psds, textures, fonts, and other design freebies!

11. BaubauHaus

Offers inspiration for your daily need of design, illustration, photography, fashion and much more. To visually inspire and entertain.

12. ReformRevolution

Provides stunning design inspiration in almost every single field.

13. Pratt

Wonderful collection of art and design by Jeff Rubio.

14. Inspiring Ethan

A blog of graphic design, creativity, and anything aesthetically gratifying.

15. Inspiredmark

Tumblog of Mark Collins, the Community Director over at DesignersCouch.

We would love to add more tumblogs to the list, so please suggest more sites in the comment section!

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Posted by Igor Ovsyannykov

I'm a digital nomad and entrepreneur bouncing around South East Asia. When I'm not working here, I'm out taking photos. Follow me on Instagram: @igorovsyannykov


  1. Hey Igor – Many thanks for the feature here. Appreciate it 🙂

  2. Great Blogs, lots of stuffs there.
    thanks to share mate.

  3. Thanks for this list! Great inspiration.

  4. Great list! is my daily visit

  5. followed them all 😉
    thanks for the list.

  6. Great list!
    Adding my own tumblr blog – collection of Mobile Wireframes Sketches and Mockups:)

    and you forgot nice collection of UI details.

  7. Thank you sooooo very, very much. I joined Tumblr a couple weeks ago ( and have found it to be a haunt for Emo’s and self-harmers so I am so glad to find your fantastic article with some interesating people to follow, you have saved Tumblr for me.
    PS ‘webgourmet’ you forgot – he is awesome!

  8. some of them stopped beeing tumblr blogs or at least it seams like they have:

    it’s a great list btw. Thanks

  9. Nice Collection.

    Keep it actual and add some new blogs.


  10. Excellent inspiration. I will follow all of them (well…mostly)

  11. clients from hell is an amazing blog!

  12. Hey
    nice blogs.
    Check out mine:

    Have fun


  13. Beta list and inspiring Ethar were very innovative. I’m new to the tumblr. I will followe your collection to learn some stuff.
    thank yu

  14. This is really nice. love your site.

  15. I found this website to be really cute. Take a look


  17. this is really great. amazing post.

  18. click on my name and visit my blog, i hope you’ll like it <3

  19. Great list 🙂
    Adding my own tumblr blog :

  20. This was my favorite:

    Sandly, it’s no longer updated =/

  21. This is my interior design inspiration blog that I keep up with regularly!

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