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Personal Dilemma

I would like to share with you today how runs behind the scenes. A couple months back, all the images you see in the roundups/collections were running of our MediaTemple server. The loading times were really long and irritating.  Plus we were getting charged more  bandwidth usage, which really hurt. Having this problem made us loose many visitor and readers. Personally, if a website takes to long to load I’m very impatient so I leave. This sort of problem happens very often on the internet.

You want to keep users happy, provide great content, have a beautiful theme, and keep the loading time to a minimal. These are some important key points to have in mind while runing a website/blog. Since Inspirationfeed has many images, it took forever to load. I remember the site taking almost 15 seconds to load! As crazy as it sounds, its true. Now with MaxCDN’s WordPress CDN, loads in 1.67 seconds according to Speed Test. Also i would like to mention how easy it was to set up. All you have to do is download their wordpress plugin and everything else is straight forward. If you do have a problem, just call their support line and they will help you set it up.

What is MaxCDN?

MaxCDN is a network of many servers throughout the world that work together to provide you with the fastest speeds. This is how CDNs work, they download the content on your site, cache the data across their network of servers, and when a user visits your site they will be directed you to the closest MaxCDN data center. This “smart route” technology makes sure each visitor to your site gets their data from the city closest to them. So lets say you live in London and is hosted in United States, Virginia. Whenever you load the website, the images will use the closest CDN to London. This means that instead of the signal traveling all the way to United States, it will go to a MaxCDN located in London.

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MaxCDN Features

  • Fast load times
  • Improved visitor experience
  • Superior scalability
  • Guaranteed uptime
  • Crash resistance to traffic floods
  • High-end performance for pennies per day
  • Free Implementation
  • 24/7 Free customer service
  • Proven Expertise
  • Pay as you go
  • $40 for 1000gb

So what does all this really mean, it means that you website will be super fast! Basically your hosting provider loads the site (HTML/CSS/CMS), and MaxCDN will be responsible for loading the images, videos, and music. This process puts almost no stress on your servers and keeps your bandwidth at a low usage.

One other benefit that most people don’t know, is that MaxCDN helps your Google Page Rank. This is because Google and other search engines rank your website upon its speed. In fact, this is the easiest way to have your listings in Google become higher in rank. No more of dealing with SEO (Search Engine Optimization), just make your website faster and you’ll get higher in rank that easily!

Currently MaxCDN is offering the first 1TB free, so be sure to take advantage of this offer!

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Posted by Igor Ovsyannykov

I'm a digital nomad and entrepreneur bouncing around South East Asia. When I'm not working here, I'm out taking photos. Follow me on Instagram: @igorovsyannykov


  1. Just a question. How much do you pay for MaxCDN technology?

  2. I can see now inspirationfeed is using netdna, what is the reason to shift from Maxcdn to netdna?

  3. Igor Ovsyannykov December 7, 2010 at 4:20 pm

    No, we are using maxCDN and mediatemple is our host. NetDNA hosts and give you bandwidth.

  4. Suraj,

    NetDNA is the parent company of MaxCDN. MaxCDN is our pay as you go solution and NetDNA is Enterprise level.

    We have some promotions at the moment so anyone interested in finding out more, email me at dgoodall at and we can answer your questions. Tell me you saw it on Igor’s Blog for an even better promotion!

    David Goodall

  5. darryl brocklesby January 9, 2011 at 12:13 pm

    This sounds like a brilliant piece of software trying to learn about SEO and how it works. Its been explained to me by a web designer but its better if I you can find things out myself and get a better grasp of it. Seems common sense to me if you designing a site for use in london why should it have to go there via america.

  6. It’s a testament to the quality of your posts that I’ve stuck with this blog. YES it was GOD AWFUL Slow, especially on my Firefox. I’m thrilled that you’ve solved the problem. Keep of the good work!

  7. Igor, could you distinguish the links in your posts. I didn’t know you’d linked to the MaxCDN website.

  8. It is nice that you have educated people on _what_ a CDN is. It is usually much easier to implement than people think and posts like this point that out.

    The problem I have is I am not sure what this post is actually reviewing. Are there any metrics that you have before and after? Did you enjoy the integration (origin storage setup)? Was the support helpful?

    Most importantly did you compare this service to any of the other providers (highwinds, edgecast/gogrid, amazon, limelight, akamai). If so, what was your basis for comparison that made MaxCDN the best choice.

    This post would be very useful for people who are trying to evaluate CDN’s and make recommendations to decision makers if it included some more basis and comparison.

    I guess when the price is only $40/mo it’s not really going to make a huge difference which one you pick.

  9. Is $40 for 1000gb is per month or for a year basis?

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