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20 Must Have Photoshop Actions

A Photoshop action is a series of commands that you can record and later play back. For example, you can create an action which automatically sharpens your image. Each time you need to sharpen your image, you can simply press one button and somebody at Adobe will do the work for you.

Photoshop actions are a huge time saver. Let’s say you need to watermark a set of 500 images. Are you going to put your logo on every single image by hand? I hope not. Instead you can create a single action that will do the work for you while you count your blessings.

Today I collection some of my favorite actions sets from the talented individuals on Creative Market. Without any doubt, these actions will save you more than 15% on your car insurance. Enjoy!

188 Actions Ultimate Bundle

188 ultimate bundlenosale f1 20 Must Have Photoshop Actions

If you’re a photographer, the following actions will save you time and money.

Here’s what’s included:

  • Light Actions
  • B&W Pro Actions set
  • Vintage Bundle
  • 42 Premium Actions
  • 28 Season Actions
  • 31 Film & Photo
  • HDR
  • Retro
  • Clean & Crisp

Buy $38

30 Pro Photo Actions Kit

preview display 3 f1 20 Must Have Photoshop Actions

Easy-to-use professional photo effects for your images. Perfect for photographers, designers, hobbyists, or anyone with an interest in photo editing!

Here’s what’s included:

  • 30 Incredible Photo Actions
  • Helpful, In-Depth Guide
  • Support & Assistance for FREE

Buy $5

Special FX for Photos

title 2 f11 20 Must Have Photoshop Actions

Add some fun to your photos with these special effects. There are 10 special effects with multiple variations for a total of 42 actions! These actions can be used to create pencil sketches, abstract digital dots, halftone popart effects, and more.

Buy $4

14 Mosaic Pixel Effects

title 2 f1 20 Must Have Photoshop Actions

These actions let you create stunning pixel patterns in 14 different styles. There are even 3 border styles of varying strengths and 10 photo styles that you can combine to create hundreds of variations.

Buy $4

Super Engraver

style 1 f1 20 Must Have Photoshop Actions

With the Super Engraver action set you can easily create engravings from your photos. The action set contains 3 styles each having 3 densities, with a total of 9 actions.

Buy $5


example 5 f1 20 Must Have Photoshop Actions

Give your photographs vintage style effects with one click!

Here’s what’s included:

  • 30+ RetroLab presets give you stunning effects fast.
  • RetroLab Quick and Easy Tutorial Videos.
  • 20 RetroLab film actions.
  • 22 Seamless surface actions.
  • 10 Realistic light leak actions.
  • 8 Camera flash and hot spot effect actions.
  • 4 Film grain actions.
  • 3 Amplifier actions.
  • 60+ Seamless surface textures.
  • 4 coffee stain brushes.
  • 2 dust brushes.
  • 5 real frames including: Polaroid, classic photo, film negative and burnt photo.
  • Create your own unique combinations.
  • All actions are non-destructive and easy to edit.
  • Apply multiple actions with no error messages.
  • Seamless texture patterns include: folds, mildew, dust, wood, screen and more!
  • Need low resolution seamless patterns? We’ve included over 15!
  • RetroLab quick guide with simple tips to get the most from RetroLab.

Buy $19

Super Spray

03 f1 20 Must Have Photoshop Actions

SuperSpray is a unique Photoshop plugin. It lets you spray transparent png images on your canvas. It has some built-in objects to spray, but the real flexibility of SuperSpray is, you can use your own .png images as well.

Buy $8


example 5 f11 20 Must Have Photoshop Actions

Easily add retro effects to your design projects.

Here’s what’s included:

  • All items carefully crafted from real source materials.
  • Retro-Matic Action Set (7 instance screen texture Photoshop actions).
  • 2 Seamless Halftone Patterns
  • Print Offset Kit (4 print misregistration Photoshop actions with recommended canvas dimensions).
  • Halftone Supply Kit (7 high-resolution halftone textures).
  • Retro Paper Supply (9 high-resolution authentic WWII era paper textures).
  • Retro Screen Supply Brush Set (5 high resolution half tone brushes for a quick retro look).
  • Subtle Halftone Brush Set (6 high resolution brushes for a subtle retro look)
  • Aged Fold Brush Set (6 high resolution brushes to simulate aged paper folds).
  • Shop Paper Textures (9 tattered paper textures straight from the repair shop).
  • Stain Sheet (1 sheet with liquid stains).
  • The Shed Texture Set (A FREE bonus collection of mystery textures)
  • RetroSupply Co Manual (a brief manual to getting the most out of your kit)

Buy $15

Paint Pro

previews f11 20 Must Have Photoshop Actions

A very creative action to make your photos look like they were painted.

Buy $4

Mosaic Photo Effect Action

mosaic photo effect 800x518 3 f1 20 Must Have Photoshop Actions

This Photoshop action converts any photo into a gorgeous mosaic background.

Buy $6


prev3 f1 20 Must Have Photoshop Actions

Convert any picture in a cartoon!

Buy $4

Simple Impressionist

004 f1 20 Must Have Photoshop Actions

A Photoshop action that turns your photos into impressionist paintings. The action set includes 2 actions. The first one applies the effect. The second one lets you adjust detail level and alter the look of the painting effect. This way you can set the effect to suit the resolution of your image and your visual taste.

Buy $5

Fast Motion Effects

fast motions effects cm preview f1 20 Must Have Photoshop Actions

Creating motion effects has never been this easy, just select the area you want to leave in focus and click play. Motion Effects Action will do the rest leaving your original image completely non-destructive.

Buy $4

3D Isometric Map

mapita f1 20 Must Have Photoshop Actions

Covert your flat map or any other shape to a 3D isometric style.

Buy $3

RetroSauce – Letterpress Actions

example 3 f1 20 Must Have Photoshop Actions

RetroSauce makes it easy to add letterpress and screenprint inspired effects to your designs. Just choose a layer, pick your color and press play.

Buy $8

30 Premium Professional Actions

preview f1 20 Must Have Photoshop Actions

This pack of professional actions is perfect for photographers and graphic designers. They were created with precise calibration adjustments and clean arrangement to bring your images to life using powerful tools & professional methods.

The pack includes:

  • 10 Fashion Professional Premium Actions
  • 10 Intensive Professional Premium Actions
  • 10 Professional Premium Actions

Buy $5

Comic Book Creator Bundle

001 f1 20 Must Have Photoshop Actions

The pack includes 50 b&w and 50 color comic book layout templates. All you need to do is to pick a template, place your photos into the frame smart objects, and that’s ALL, you’ll get a nice comic look.

The you can add bubbles and sound effects. Bubbles and effects are vector smart objects and can be edited in Adobe Illustrator CS6.

Buy $15


sm1 f1 20 Must Have Photoshop Actions

With SuperMosaic you can create cool halftone and mosaic effects and open the result in Photoshop or you can save it as an editable vector .eps file. Then you can open it in vector software such as Adobe Illustrator or CorelDRAW.

Useful for especially large prints because you can get vector outputs. Your prints will be sharp and clean!

Buy $10

165 Premium Photoshop Actions

165premium f1 20 Must Have Photoshop Actions

165 Premium Photoshop Action Set. This action set has been developed for photographers and graphic designers. These actions have been engineered for quality and performance.

Buy $19


tpss00 f1 20 Must Have Photoshop Actions

With Typo-Painter for Adobe Photoshop, you can create cool typographic designs and portraits from your photos. The result can also be saved in vector EPS format and can be edited using vector tools like Adobe Illustrator or CorelDraw. You can use your own text, or the plugin will use a long Lorem Ipsum phrase.

Buy $10

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 20 Must Have Photoshop Actions

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