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Andrew Miller is a branding, design and communications strategist from NYC. He is currently committed to his ongoing project called Brand Spirit. Every day for 100 days, he will paint one branded object white, removing all visual branding, reducing the object to its purest form. His goal is purchase each object for less than $10, it can be something he owns, something another person gives him, or something he finds. These are the rules that he will try to follow.

So why is this project worth our attention? Considering branding in design, packaging is extremely important. Having a unique product presentation will help your brand be noticed without your logo on it. I’ve previously heard people say, “Hey, can you pass me the Kleenex?” They relate tissues as Kleenex automatically inside their brain. This sort of brand awareness is stunning.

Every single day we are being exposed to thousands of brands and different products, which is why seeing products that don’t carry associations or weight with them feels so out of the ordinary. As you will notice some brands still jump out  and present their name to you minimally. As an example, check out the Scotch tape. Crazy huh? Other brands like Zippo, M&M’s and Trojan lose their identities.

Overall, this is an entertaining experiment that’s worth a follow. If you have a Tumblr account feel free to follow Brand Spirit, and stay updated to Andrew’s project.
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Wite Out

Lincoln Memorial Cent



Red Stripe



United States Dollar



Poland Spring

United States Postal Service


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