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It is important to address the fact that our lives may get hectic at times. We all have many things to do and to keep up with. So, It is no wonder that a lot of us become overwhelmed with these commitments.

Simplifying your life can help you to combat these unpleasant feelings. It can bring joy, freedom and most necessarily, balance to our lives. So, how do you remove distraction and keep yourselves happy and healthy? By adhering to the tips listed above you and your family could leave a simpler life.

1. Time Commitments

If everything ends up being your priority, then, in reality, nothing is. Many of us divide a day’s time base on commitments. Example –Work, home, hobbies, religious endeavors community events, etc. Whenever possible, relieve yourself from time commitments if they are not of great value to you.

2. Own Less


Many of us might not need as much as we have. If we have a lot of material possessions, it may complicate our lives. They drain our energy, our attention, and our bank accounts as well. Instead of living your life adhering to values and spending time with loved ones, we end up doing exactly the opposite. So, invest your time and eliminate possessions which are not essential for your life. Just make sure that things in your life have a reason to be there.

3. Negative Thoughts

You will know that negative emotions and thoughts are entirely useless. Hate, jealousy, bitterness and resentment will never improve your quality of life. Your mind is your responsibility, so try to forgive hurts from the past and embrace positive thoughts.

4. Avoid Artificial Ingredients

Food items containing refined grains, trans fat, refined high fructose sugar syrup, and sodium in excess should be avoided. If you minimize the consumption of processed foods, it will be good for your health in the long term, and in the short term, it can boost your energy levels.

5. Your Words

Use fewer words. Try to keep your speech honest and plain. Avoid gossip and mean comments and adhere to what you say.

6. Your Debt


If your debt is something that is keeping you captive, then it is time to reduce it. Begin today and find the help that you need. After all, it’s better to embrace freedom tomorrow by sacrificing today’s luxuries.

7. Your Goals

Zero in on the goals you are striving for and entirely focused on. The maximum is one or two. As you reduce the number of your life goals, you will achieve a better success rate and improve focus. Make a list and add the two most important things. When you accomplish one, add another.

8. Your Screen Time

Spending all your time on video games, movies, technology and television can impact your life more than you think. It is because media have the capability to rearrange your values. And it will start dominating your life and decisions. It has a massive impact on your outlook and attitude as well.

Many of us when caught in the virtual world, fail to notice how much it is influencing you and impacting your life. So, it is necessary to decrease your everyday screen time.

9. Multi-Tasking

Researchers have consistently pointed out the fact that multitasking may increase your stress levels and curb productivity. While doing one task at a time has become a lost art; it is important to handle just one thing at once and do it well. Once it’s complete, move on to the next one.

10. Connections To The World

Building relationships with people is indeed necessary. But, what happens when these relationships become streams of distraction? Learn when to switch off your iPhone, sign out of Facebook or discard a text. Try to focus on what is more important rather than what is more urgent. When you are approached or distracted by others, it may make you feel needed, wanted or important. But, remember that feeling important is entirely different from accomplishing importance.

Other Tips

  • You can implement the 80/20 rule in your life. It is said that 80% of the results you see will come from 20% of your efforts. So, it is important to declutter and channel your attention to the 20% that matters.
  • Try to embrace the simpler version of yourself.
  • We struggle with the luxury of having too many choices. Try to limit these.
  • Make some space in your diary for yourself.
  • It is important to notice whether you are saying yes to the right invites. Only associate yourself with things you care about. If it doesn’t fit the bill, reply with a polite ‘no.’

It is not logical to expect your car to run smoothly if you keep it idle for long and fuel it with kerosene instead of gasoline. Similarly, your body also thrives on foods which are healthy and needs regular exercise as well. A healthy body can facilitate a healthy mind and helps simplify your life.


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Posted by Evelyn Kail

Evelyn is an enthusiastic researcher and avid writer with interests ranging from Happiness, weight loss, fitness and cooking, to interpersonal communication, motivation, technology and productivity.

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