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What is Pinterest? You may be Pinterested to learn that this new kid on the social media block can not only enhance your brand image and get new customers Pinterested in your business, but can also give your SEO a boost by driving high-quality traffic to your website. Pinteresting, don’t you think? Okay, so that’s more than enough Pinterest puns for one post, but word play aside, this increasingly popular method of socialising online could be the platform that you have been looking for to enhance your SEO campaign.

The Buzz

Pinterest is a series of virtual pin boards where users can share and organize images, all of which are linked back to a source – which in this case, is your company’s website. With nearly 12 million unique visitors each month, and 10.4 million registered users, it might be time for businesses to begin taking Pinterest seriously. Many companies have already joined the social media revolution with accounts on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn, and Pinterest could make a great new addition to the marketing strategy of any modern business.

When you consider that, in March, Pinterest generated more referral traffic than Twitter, things begin to get even more, well, Pinteresting – particular when you take into account the fact that it remains an invite-only social network.

Once you manage to get your hands on the golden ticket, or an invite to join Pinterest, how can you make the most of this innovative new platform? Read on for a few ideas of how you could use Pinterest to boost your SEO, and your business.

Know Your Customer


Pinterest can only be used effectively if you have a good idea of your target market and typical customer. Made up of images and graphics, Pinterest is a visual marketing tool which works best when utilised by companies with businesses that have a strong visual element. For example, a plumbing firm is unlikely to find a strong following on Pinterest, whilst businesses that operate in the retail or leisure industries – or those with a well-established brand – could effectively use this platform to gain new followers and new business.

A good example of using Pinterest effectively would be a cookery school creating a board where their customers are encouraged to pin their culinary creations, and who could in turn use Pinterest to share their own work with a new audience. It is also important to remember that the vast majority of Pinterest users are women, making it a great tool for businesses targeting a female market.

Pin to Win

Like any social media platform, Pinterest will only work successfully for your business if used effectively. Each pin on Pinterest is a valuable follow link back to your site, which means that developing a strong presence on Pinterest will result in many high-quality, SEO-friendly back links. The increase in traffic which your site could enjoy once you get pinning will only be truly beneficial if you can convert this traffic, so make sure that you link the pinned image to a relevant area of your site, or a specific landing page.

Only pin high-quality, high-resolution images to your boards to create a truly eye-catching, and customer-friendly, display. This is particularly important if you are using Pinterest to showcase your products. Additionally don’t forget – Pinterest is all about marketing your business creatively in a fresh new way, and isn’t designed as a platform for shameless self-promotion. Play the Pinterest game right, and you could potentially see some real results for your business.

Only time will tell whether Pinterest is a social phenomenon which is here to stay, or if too many pins will cause the bubble to burst. Equally, as with all SEO, it will take time to establish whether signing up to Pinterest will have real, proven results for your business. Nonetheless, it certainly shows promise for modern businesses, so why not pop over to Pinterest and sign up for one of those in-demand invites?

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Posted by Hayley Francis

Hayley Francis is a Content Writer for an industry-leading SEO company, who are experts in all areas of search engine optimisation and internet marketing, including social media.

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