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Online advertisers spend 53 percent of the company’s total growth on digital advertising; so why is it so difficult for several marketers to believe that digital advertising is the real deal? Truth be told, digital advertising is not a fad. It is unquestionably the future of marketing!

The infographic on display below informs the marketer why digital marketing is the new era by drawing attention to the change in advertising spend—from newspapers to mobile marketing. It also makes it clear that social media has grown and that its impact on the marketing industry is growing, too.  Since the launch of Facebook in 2006, it has gained over 800 million members. The amount spent on online advertising has increased from 8.7 percent to 15.2 percent of total advertising over the past four years.

These figures all point to the fact that digital advertising will continue to grow and companies that embrace these changes effectively, reap the benefits, even as the world becomes more technologically advanced.

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Posted by Donne Terblans

Donne Terblans is a social media marketing intern at a SEO company, who enjoys all kinds of experiments on social networks with the latest one being how to trend a topic on Twitter.

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