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The goal of an envelope is two-fold. First, it must protect its contents. Then, it must entice the recipient to open it.

A great design is especially important to help with the latter because it doesn’t matter how great the contents are if no one opens the envelope.

That’s where these examples come in. We’ve put together a list of 16 stylish and unique designs to serve as inspiration for you.

As you can see, there is a variety of approaches to take when comes to piquing a recipient’s curiosity. And when you’re done, we would love to hear your ideas and feedback in the comments below.


  1. Doggy


This playful envelope has plenty of character. The flap features an image of a dog’s face folded over to form a big slobbery mouth, giving the recipient a laugh.


  1. The Southcoast Ukulele & Guitar Company


A flower is in full bloom in the center of this envelope for Southcoast Ukulele & Guitar Company. Information about the ukulele strings inside is under the flower.


  1. Sweet Escape Bakery


The Sweet Escape Bakery takes a unique approach with its envelope, which features the return address at the bottom left corner and a die-cut pattern on the flap. The character inside the flap plays into the business’s name by trying to escape from the envelope.


  1. 8848


Consistency is key with 8848’s design. The company’s name stands out in yellow on the back and can be seen whether the flap is open or closed. An image of a snowboarder hitting some fresh powder inside the flap plays to the company’s market, as it provides gear for the sport.


  1. Aviara Life Products, LLC


The clean white background on this envelope allows the bright colors of Aviara’s product to stand out and make the drinks look even more delicious. Flowers near the drinks allude to the natural ingredients of the beverages.


  1. St. Regis Hotel

The St. Regis Hotel adds a regal touch to its envelopes with a wax seal, making guests feel as if they are receiving a letter from the royal family. The crest-style logo is another noble touch.


  1. Wunderhund Canine Academy


Wunderhund uses a clever technique of making its envelope mimic a welcome mat, inviting the recipient to check out the contents.


  1. Kat Maconie


The black and gold color scheme on this envelope represents sophistication and luxury. Kat Maconie’s name stands out in all caps and illustrates she is an authority in her field.


  1. RB Lines


Lines on the front and back of this envelope tie into the company’s name, RB Lines. The company logo is on the front and again on the flap to reinforce branding.


  1. Richwood Bank

Richwood Bank gives off a prestigious vibe with this envelope. The black linen stock adds elegance to the design, as the metallic green foil stamp creates a luxurious luster.


  1. GAVTH Studio


Gavth Studio’s monogram logo looks similar to a smooth, blue geode. The modern gray text fits the developer’s brand.


  1. The Cedars Union

Branding for The Cedars Union is on the front and back of this envelope. The non-profit organization’s name and address are in the return address location on the front, while its logo seals the flap on the back. Both look classy in gold.


  1. Binayat

Binayat uses blue to evoke feelings of security. The real estate company’s logo, which mimics a skyline of a metropolitan city, is in the return address location and is also featured prominently on the front of the envelope.


  1. Bethel Sarnia


The “t” in Bethel Pentecostal Church is reminiscent of a cross, which is fitting for the organization. Its clean envelope design features a script font to give a more personal touch to the design.


  1. KBOE Radio


KBOE Radio uses bright orange to draw recipients’ attention to the return address corner and flap, invoking excitement about what’s inside.



This envelope is full of information, with the company’s address, contact information and website featured on the back. The pale pink flap stands out with the company logo on its center.

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