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32 Beautiful Ampersand Design Inspirations

As you may know “ampersand” is the character or sign (&) representing the word and. Some people see the symbol as another word for and, but designers see it as a piece of beauty. With tons of possibilities and outcomes we are starting to see a growing trend in ampersand design. The sleek curves and thin/thick lines…

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95 Beautiful Business Card Designs

Business Card are commonly used these days to network with all sort of different people. Anybody who owns their own business should definitely have their own business cards. Even if you don't own your own business that doesn't mean you shouldn't have business cards. To expand yourself out in the working field, i suggest getting…

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51 Inspirational Orange Based Websites

What color is vibrant, and makes you feel warm? Orange! In my opinion orange is an eye catching color that grabs your attention. We have gathered some beautiful orange based websites to get your mind juices flowing.  All the websites were hand picked and chosen by the quality orange design element. I know there is…

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