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30 Beautiful Examples of Urban Photography

Photography has always been a medium to artistically express one’s emotion and state of mind. With the popularity of photo-sharing apps like Instagram and the rise of #iPhoneography, a lot of people with artistic eyes are now able to showcase their talent in ways that they couldn’t do before. And one of the most popular…

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20 Gifts Ideas for Casual & Hardcore Gamers

If there’s one group of people that would be hard to give a gift to, it would probably be a group of gamers. Gamers usually have an extremely complex way of thinking that it’s hard to pinpoint what their desires are at the moment. Their attention span could also be quite limited, especially if the…

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Top 40 Best Business Cards Ever Created

Even with the advent and popularity of various social media platforms, a business card never goes out of style. From then until now, a business card is considered as one of the most important and effective marketing tool. It doesn’t matter if the card design is minimalist or bursting with colors, the fact that when…

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