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Why You Should Craft All Your Websites with X Theme 3.0

Clients come in a variety of flavors and types. They always have and they always will. What sets a great creative apart is her/his flexibility and resourcefulness in designing various websites. The demand for website creation has reached epic proportions. Doctors, companies, freelancers, non-profit organizations, and even government agencies are looking to achieve more visibility…

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15 Creative Ways to Show Product Images

Imagery has long been held as a top priority for ecommerce sites. Nothing quite sends the inventory flying of the digital shelves like a high quality image depicting its use and/or aesthetic. Unfortunately, it’s easy for product images to get lost in the sheer numbers of duplicate pictures all over the web. If you want…

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10 WooCommerce Plugins for Easy Coupons and Offers

Coupons and discount codes are a staple part of any e-commerce experience. If you're using WooCommerce to power your online store, you might be looking for an even better solution for managing coupon campaigns and I'm here to help! Whether you're looking for something simple or a fix that can handle a more complex promotional…

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8 Unforgivable Ecommerce Mistakes That Send Shoppers Packing

In our parents’ time (unless you’re a 14-year old reading this), setting up a company meant taking huge loans, acquiring office space, employing a large bandwagon of employees, getting government licenses, and a long wait for all of these to fall in place before you could start operations. Today, you can think of a novel…

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5 Ecommerce Success Secrets from the Biggest Online Retailers

Everyone and their mother seems to be plunging headlong into the world of online selling. Green entrepreneurs, fresh out of college, are eyeing the online market for quick income, and seasoned brick-and-mortar businesses are planning to set up an online store, afraid of getting left behind. Venture capitalists are ready to bankroll anyone with innovative…

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13 Simple Ways to Convert Website Visitors into Buyers

We’ve all been there – One day you decided to start your business online and made a website hoping a surge of traffic would eventually produce buyers. You incessantly dream of a solid stream of revenue coming your way. But all hopes shatter when the website is not actively visited or if the visitors are…

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