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Complicated Relationship Prints by Safwat Saleem

Safwat Saleem is a graphic designer, filmmaker, artist, and the creative director at Arizona State University. When he isn't working, he spends most of his free time creating satirical art. He recently published a series of prints depicting complicated relationships between two or more objects. The prints are clean, beautiful, simple, and best of all smart. All…

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Feminine Portraits of World Leaders by Scott Scheidly

From devouring a 10 pack of crayons, to turning his diaper into a Jackson Pollack, Scott Scheidly's creativity stated early. At the age of seventeen Scott started to utilize his art skills for lunch money and at the age of twenty he graduated from the Art Institute of Pittsburgh. Currently Scott lives in Florida where he enjoys floundering about and…

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35 Hilarious Yet True Infographics

Truth always has a way of making itself known. Sometimes though, seeing the truth presented to us in a novel way can make us have a much better appreciation of it. Our days can be so busy and tiring that sometimes, we all need a pick-me-up to brighten up the day. It never hurts to…

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Don’t Ever Say These 12 Things to a Graphic Designer

Client from hell. Whatever industry you’re a part of, this type of client is ever-so-present. And while the old adage “The customer is always right” has merit, it’s important for clients to understand that workers aren’t magicians or fortune tellers. For graphic designers, unreasonable clients or those who won’t give a remark in the beginning…

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40 Amusing Perfectly Timed Photos

Every single day billions of pictures are taken by people all around the world. With so many humans having the ability to capture light, the need for quality is essential. That's where the Internet comes into play. Sifting through the nonsense, people on the web tend to gravitage towards incredible photographs. They share these photos…

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51 Examples of Funny & Creative Advertising

The average attention span of people is very low these days. For example, if your website doesn't load within 5 seconds, people will leave your website and go somewhere else. We wrote about this in one of our previous articles about website optimization. This goes to show that people are used to instantaneous gratification. They want…

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40 Entertaining Photoshop Disasters from The Advertising Industry

Over the years, Psdisasters.com has fearlessly called out industry giants such as Ralph Lauren, Victoria’s Secret, Gucci, Vogue, and more for their flagrant misuse of Photoshop. With numerous lawsuits, angry emails, and rants from famous models and photographers, Psdisasters still continues to follow their mission; point out everything unrealistic, physically impossible, and just plain strange-looking in today’s advertising.…

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