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How to Make MONEY as a Graphic Designer

4 Easy Ways To Earn Money as a Graphic Designer [VIDEO]

Forget the old belief that you can’t make money as an artist. The digital age now provides creatives with a potluck of opportunities to earn an income. In this video, freelance graphic designer Will Paterson, discusses FOUR common ways on how a graphic designer can earn money. These include teaching, client work, selling products or…

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10 Qualities of Successful Graphic Designers

For the first time in decades, creative fields are finally getting the attention they deserve. Gone is the era dominated by industries that required mostly logic and shunned artistry. Today, computers can do almost every kind of logical process. The creative processes, however, are a different story. This explains the sudden boom in the number…

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How to Network Successfully

To be a successful at networking as a graphic designer doesn´t just mean handing out your business card at industry events or having a profile on LinkedIn. To network successfully in the graphic design field means to make connections but also to maintain these connections with people who support you throughout your career by building a…

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