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10 Ways to Stop Being Negative

stop being negative It’s so easy to be negative in a world where something wrong is bound to happen every turn you make. Being positive somehow becomes harder especially when you know that for each piece of happiness you find, one wrong move can make it all go away. However, you should...
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15 Design Ideas to Fill Up Your Portfolio

fill up your portfolio The present age of design continues to be increasingly competitive. As a designer, you need to meet or raise the bar continuously to keep visitors intrigued and fascinated enough to check out your portfolio. However, not every designer has a ready-made portfolio. This is especially true with freelancers, first-time...
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20 Simple Secrets to Taking Better Photos

20 Simple Secrets to Taking Better Photos Whether you are using an expensive camera, which does not guarantee good pictures, or using your camera on your phone, there are a few things you should keep in mind when taking pictures. To take good pictures you do not need to be a professional either. It is all...
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How to Put Office Haters in their Proper Place

office trolls It has been said that people who go to the office every day spend far more time with their colleagues than with their families. If this is true, then conflict is bound to happen. Families don’t get along at all times, and neither do co-workers. But while slamming the...
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Idea Machine: Surprising Yourself with Ideas Out of Nowhere

how to become an idea machine Idea: the origin of the best and worst moments of your life. Everything we cultivate comes from a single idea. The sumptuous dinner you plan to cook tonight? That’s a yummy idea. The trip you want to take with your partner? That’s an exciting idea. The business you want...
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Social Junkie to Jobless Grumpy: 10 Social Media Mistakes That Can Ruin Your Career

social media mistakes Love to update your loved ones with your daily activities? There’s Facebook. Love to make witty commentaries to share with your followers? You’ve got Twitter. Love to take pictures to present to the world? Instagram is your friend. Love to lose your job? Thank you, social media. Wait—what? It’s...
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6 Things Likable People do Differently

become a likable person He’s sitting at the corner of the bar surrounded on all sides with people jostling just to get with earshot of him. He’s the guy that everyone wants to know and to be around. A lot of guys assume being well liked man is just something you either have...
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