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Unfold Your Creativity: 40 Stunning Origami Artworks

origami art If you’re enthusiastic about paper folding as a craft, it’s good to know a bit more about the history of origami. While no one person can take credit for inventing the craft, the art of paper folding is nearly as ancient as paper itself. In fact, there are records...
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Use Protection: 30 Great iPad Cases

best ipad cases If you have an iPad, there’s a big chance that a lot of what you do revolves around it. It could have your daily schedule, as well as some of your most important notes. It could have all the apps that you need for work, as well as those...
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50 Crazy Stairs from Around the World

Crazy Stairs The stairs inside any structure are often dismissed as just a functional part of the building, nothing more. Although they are designed to aesthetically blend in with the rest of your interior or exterior, they are often not styled in such a way that they become the center of...
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25 Stunning “Save The Date” Designs

save the date ideas Getting married is that one great event in anybody’s life that sends a barrage of human emotions in one great package. It can cause happiness in finally getting to the end of that big race of finding your one true love, but could also cause sadness at the thought...
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40 Magazine Cover Designs Guaranteed to Inspire You

magazine cover designs Coming up with an eye-catching design doesn’t always go as easy as you want it to. When you work as a graphic designer or in the creative field of magazine design, being able to create wonderful covers is important in keeping your job and being able to get the...
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10 Contemporary Illustrators You Should Know About

Hong Kong Cityscape With illustrations bearing the mark of the artist, there is a certain authenticity attached to a hand-drawn work of art. Illustrations have the power to charm, amuse, and evoke a feeling of nostalgia in the viewer. In a world where everything is digital, it’s little wonder we’re seeing a...
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Creativity in the Kitchen: 15 Well Designed Tools

kitchen gadgets In 2008, Wired magazine published an article entitled ‘The Only Five Kitchen Tools You Really Need’. The article declared that 99% of kitchen jobs could be accomplished with only a knife, a chopping board, a pot, a thermometer and a cheese grater. This may be true. However, with the...
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