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50 Stunning Satellite Photos of the Earth

Do you have a one-dimensional view of everything around you? If that’s the case, you may be missing out on so many beautiful things. Sometimes, you really need to take the time to look at the world around you in a different perspective to notice all the things you have missed.  Chances are, you will never see the…

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50 Inspiring Quotes from Alan Watts

There are times in our lives when we face hardships that seem impossible to overcome; times when we feel like just stopping and giving up — seeing no reason to go on. It is during those times that we need a bit of inspiration. So we can be thankful for the wonderful gift of life…

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Digital art

Geometry in Motion: 20 Simple and Stunning Gifs by Dave Whyte

Dave Whyte, an Ireland based PhD student, creates oddly satisfying Gifs based on mathematical data. I recently stumbled upon his work on Tumblr and I was hooked right away. His geometric Gifs are purely mesmerising. I can sit and watch them all day. Dave creates these Gifs using an open-source coding language called Processing. After creating a new…

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Make Your Marketing Campaign Inspiring by using Animation

As video grows on the web, more and more brands are taking to video marketing to help them achieve their marketing goals. There are some well known brands which would not have experienced their rate of success if it wasn't for explainer videos. Take Dropbox, Crazy Egg, or Spotify as examples. All three businesses are based…

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3 Awe-Inspiring Cover Art Designers

The art of album cover design is still alive and well in the digital age. Though the transition from tangible albums to digital copies has seen album covers lose some of their lasting appeal, thankfully some bands are still as excited about having great art to go along with their CD or LP as they…

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20 Tumblr Blogs You Should Be Following

Tumblr is one of those websites that I could spend days on, just looking around for inspiration, wasting time, or just for a good laugh. There are so many blogs that share interesting images, cool stories, meaningful thoughts, and inspiring quotes. Today, I’ve compiled a list of tumblr blogs you should be following if you…

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10 Inspiring Minimal Logo Designs and Why They’re Effective

This first thing a consumer notices about a company or a brand is their logo. Based on the logo's design, consumers will make an instinctive decision whether to learn more about the company and what it represents, or to simply avoid it. When it comes to attracting customers and making profits, a logo is a…

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