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10 LinkedIn Secrets You Didn’t Know

Why do people so eagerly use LinkedIn? It’s a large-scale question given that nowadays we have loads of social networks with millions of users. So, I suppose we need to paraphrase the question:  Why do people so eagerly use LinkedIn for their business promotion? Now, that’s the right one. So, LinkedIn is a great place…

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5 Ways to Use LinkedIn to Find a Job

These days, recruiters and employers are not using the most traditional methods of finding the ideal candidates to fill their open positions but rather are using social media sites like LinkedIn. Here are five ways you can used LinkedIn to land your next job. Optimize your profile You absolutely must take the time to optimize…

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Social Media Cheat Sheet for the Top 9 Networks [Infographic]

The top 9 networks are Pinterest, YouTube, Google+, Instagram, Tumblr, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Foursquare. Depending on your business you might not take advantage of all, but use at least a few. The following infographic provides helpful tips for you to take advantage of these social media tools. While they might seem basic for some, this is…

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Top 5 Social Media Strategies for Small Businesses

You have probably heard about social platforms and their great popularity all over the world. Maybe you have heard negative comments too – addiction to networking sites, plenty of wasted time, and controversies. But if you look at these in a good light, you will see that they have advantages too, especially to individuals or…

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