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Computer Science and Marketing: A Developing Relationship

Computer science was birthed as a solitary discipline with its roots in mathematics. It eventually became a standard degree program and gained widespread acceptance as it overcame the challenges of a once-skeptical intellectual environment. Yet, as the field expanded and the internet dominated the territory, the union of marketing and complex algorithms started to form…

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5 Steps to Online Marketing [Infographic]

Content creation should be high on your list of priorities to build media relationships. Great quality content attracts more customers than large quantities of average work. Here is a great infographic which describes 5 steps you can take to make your online marketing a success. Note: Click the image to view full size. This infographic was created by: Startrankingnow.com…

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Why You Should Consider Poster Advertising

Many people would argue that poster advertising is a dying art form, but it can be very effective in some industries. Poster advertising is most commonly used in entertainment to inform the public of the latest act or event held at a popular arena. Grocery stores and politicians may also use posters to advertise. Poster…

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Are QR Codes a Marketing Fad?

When it comes to mobile marketing, QR codes are one of the first few tactics that come to mind. These two-dimensional barcodes are found on marketing materials or product packaging, scanned with a smartphone or tablet, and transfer the user to additional information. Some people think QR codes are a smart marketing tactic while others…

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