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Social Media

Social Media is Paving the way for Promotions

Gone are the days of poorly designed Myspace sites with dancing glitter GIFs and seemingly endless scrolling in three out of four directions. The neat, clean and easy-to-navigate layouts of social media sites like Facebook, Twitter and Tumblr have ousted the horrific Myspace and GeoCities pages of the early-to-mid-2000s. Gone are the days of companies reaching out…

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Common Marketing Theories Designers Should Know

The marketing is advertising, promotion and selling pressure, is a set of aggressive media sales, used to capture existing markets. According to this first meaning, very "commercial" marketing would mainly apply in the markets for consumer goods and much less in the areas most "noble" products such as high technology, public administration, social services and…

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A Boxing Clever Approach to Design

When you think of images of a record store, there is a good chance that not much hope pops into your head. CD sales are at an all time low and have almost no future now that everyone is streaming their music digitally. Vinyl sales are starting to improve, but only due to the nostalgic…

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Managing Your Portfolio Website (Tips and Tricks)

For those looking to break into careers in the tech industry, a vital online presence is a key factor in securing a job. Whether you are a motion graphics specialist, photographer, graphic designer, or an aspiring freelance blogger; a personal website demonstrating your skills and abilities will impress employers exponentially more than a boring Word…

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