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7 Often-Ignored Things About Design That Affect Business

A designer’s work ends with design. For a business owner, however, the entrepreneurial journey often begins from here. If website design is the start, marketing is a lifelong endeavor. Most business owners tend to treat design as one set of jobs while copy or content is relegated as another subset of jobs. Meanwhile, the business…

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8 Unforgivable Ecommerce Mistakes That Send Shoppers Packing

In our parents’ time (unless you’re a 14-year old reading this), setting up a company meant taking huge loans, acquiring office space, employing a large bandwagon of employees, getting government licenses, and a long wait for all of these to fall in place before you could start operations. Today, you can think of a novel…

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Enlisting Affiliate Marketers by Tugging on their Heartstrings

Every purchase made involves an emotional investment. Whether it’s driven by necessity or auxiliary, customers tend to base their buying decisions on what they need and what they want. Many entrepreneurs and marketers believe that most purchases—if not all—are more emotionally-driven than logical. While this is not essentially wrong, it affirms one of the most…

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How to Rebrand Your Business

The world is constantly changing, and so is your business. No matter how great your values and ideals were twenty years ago, if they don’t need an upgrade, at the very least you should consider marketing them differently. Since nothing stays the same way for too long, it shouldn’t be a surprise that you need…

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A Brave New World: Online Marketing Post-Hummingbird

I know, Hummingbird went into effect months ago. However, many bloggers, businesses, and marketers continue to play by the rules of the wrong game today. With Hummingbird came some big changes for SEO and content marketing. Luckily, though, Google is moving in a direction that should benefit everyone: consumers and site owners alike. 1. Always…

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4 Marketing Techniques For Budget-Strapped Freelancers

These days, more people than ever are choosing to set-up their own freelancing business and it's easy to see why. Freelancing allows you to work your own hours, choose your own clients and ultimately, become your own boss. It can also offer some people a favourable work/life balance that they simply couldn't achieve in a…

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