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8 Useful Tips and Tricks for New Graphic Designers

When we start off a career in any field, it's always helps if someone guides us in figuring out various things. This is just a simple list of steps that newbies got to take care of while starting their First project as a Graphic Designer. Let's get started! 1. Know your tools well Know your…

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10 Free Beautiful Sets of Google+ Icons

Google+ is finally here, and is attracting tons of media attention. I wanted to see what the whole fuss is about, and asked a friend of mine for an invite. Messing around with Google+ for a week now, has been very pleasing. The layout is very similar to Facebooks, therefore I didn't have to learn…

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4 Website Template Resources For Businesses

The Internet has been a necessary tool for businesses to remain competitive for years now but not everyone is a web developer. You need to think about your web image and an online marketing agency is useful but first you need to get started. The first step is getting online and you need a site.…

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31 Resources for Free Textures

Most of the time graphic designers need textures for their projects. They search google, but nothing helpful comes up. Good texture websites are hard to find, and once you find them you probably forget to bookmark them. If you're looking for some new textures, to spice up your collection, this roundup will help anyone to…

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25 Websites for Typography Inspiration

Typography is a beautiful thing, and plays a huge role in designing. Most of the time its hard to get inspired when you're working on a project. Not every font fits in perfectly with every project. Why not take a little time off, and check out these typography resources for inspiration. We collected some helpful…

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