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Entrepreneur Sam Ovens Shares His Secrets To Success

Starting your own business can be a daunting proposition. The excitement and optimism from the beginning can quickly be overshadowed by the challenges ahead. However, entrepreneurs are rarely alone today - thanks to the Web and a wide network of experts, mentors, and contemporaries who have already gone through the same challenges new business owners…

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Dr Suess Children Books Author

40 Dr. Seuss Quotes Full of Wit and Wisdom

Every child in this generation and the past ones grew up reading and watching the creations of Dr. Seuss. It’s probably one of those things you remember most about your childhood, with Green Eggs and Ham and The Cat in the Hat being some of the most prominent titles. But somehow, these Dr. Seuss creations…

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20 Free Social Media Icons Sets

Social media has become one of the most crucial parts of building a business, a name, or a brand. No matter where you look, you see business getting bigger and bigger, with social media often playing a huge role in their success. The Wonders of Social Media Why has social media become this huge? Well,…

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6 Marketing Campaigns Secrets For Successful Ads

Have you seen the video campaign of Gatorade featuring the legendary icon of Sports, Michael Jordan? If so, then probably you might be one of the millions who wanted to #BeLikeMike. A lot of people across the globe were moved by this campaign, including me. This is actually the fifth and final video of Gatorade…

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7 Pinterest Tools Every Pinner Should Try

There’s this wonderful and pretty accurate explanation of social media sites circling the web. It states: Social Media Explained: Twitter – I’m eating a #donut. Facebook – I like donut. Foursquare – This is where I eat donuts. Instagram – Here’s an artsy shot of my donut. YouTube – A tutorial of how to eat…

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18 Things You Miss By Constantly Staring At Your Smartphone

Most people would find it hard to imagine a world without gadgets and computers that we feel so accustomed to today – it’s really difficult to even grasp the shift technology has caused and what effect it has on human behaviour and even mental activity. We are now programmed by society to be constantly attached…

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