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RetroGlitch Photoshop Bundle Download

How Retroglitch Photoshop Bundle Helps You Go Old-School

There’s something about nostalgia effects (e.g. B&W, 18th century line effects, etc.) that certainly catches the eye when it comes to design. All generations appreciate a little peak from the past. These effects not only bring back wistful feelings, but also a touch of class and elegance into any project. However, it can be time-consuming…

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20 Free Design Assets to Download

When designing a website it is at times necessary to go to an outside source to find the design elements you need to make your end product as attractive and professional looking as possible. While you have the option of creating your own, putting together a custom design element from scratch can be a time-consuming…

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1800+ Free Photoshop Textures

If you spend your free time checking out websites like Flickr and social media platforms like Instagram, for sure you have noticed a great many pictures that have a definite “vintage” look to them. There are lots of variants to these types of photos, starting from easy toning to complete distressing of the image using…

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20 Premium Textures for Graphic Designers

Textures are not always beautiful. In fact, many textures will appear quite dull when you look at them in their naked form. But when you apply them correctly they can make your designs pop, adding visual interest and more detail to your work. I think subconsciously we associate textures with certain feelings and emotions. For example, a metal…

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Celebrities Digitally Painted As Russian Generals

George Dawe was an English portrait artist who painted 329 portraits of Russian generals active during Napoleon's invasion of Russia for the Military Gallery of the Winter Palace, Saint Petersburg, Russia. Steve Payne uses digital copies of these paintings as a basis for his own work which involves incorporating friends, family and even some celebrities into the…

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31 Resources for Free Textures

Most of the time graphic designers need textures for their projects. They search google, but nothing helpful comes up. Good texture websites are hard to find, and once you find them you probably forget to bookmark them. If you're looking for some new textures, to spice up your collection, this roundup will help anyone to…

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