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What does Thanksgiving mean to you?

Different people see Thanksgiving differently. In fact, other parts of the world do not celebrate Thanksgiving at all!

In North America, however, we all know how important Thanksgiving is. It stands for so many things, some people even look forward to it more than Christmas.


What Thanksgiving Stands For

What do people think about when they remember Thanksgiving?

Family and Friends

Joyful Thanksgiving

Who do you spend Thanksgiving with? In general, Thanksgiving is when everyone flies home and looks forward to spending time with family. It’s that day of the year when everyone gets to sit around the table and have a traditional turkey dinner.

Your aunts may comment about how fat you’ve gotten since they last saw you; or a few of your cousins may remind you when you still had poor taste – but that’s the beauty of family. It’s those little quirks and tasteless jokes that show you how much it all matters.

These are things that you’ll hate other people for, but if it’s family who says it, you accept them as part of who they are. But what about people who have no family to come home to?

If you’re part of this group, then it’s safe to assume that you’ll still end up with folks you treat as family even if you’re not bound by blood. Your friends are just like the family you love. You share so many things that you don’t even notice the weird habits and funny antics others would not tolerate.

Yes, all these, you appreciate more over Thanksgiving.


Fabulous Meals

Thanksgiving Quotes To Add Joy To Your Family Celebration

How many times in a year do you get to eat yummy turkey smothered in homemade gravy? Your mom may pair that up with some pot pie. Or you just might see other family members bringing out their most favorite recipes. It’s also that ONE day that you get to forget about your strict diets.

This is exactly what a lot of people look forward to every time Thanksgiving season comes around. Some may even be guilty about wanting to eat the food more than wanting to bond with family.


The Blessings

Joyful Thanksgiving

Of course, one reason why it’s called “Thanksgiving” is because it’s a day for giving thanks. It’s that day of the year when folks think about all the good things they got this year and feel truly grateful.

Sure, people should be thankful every single day. But you’d have to admit that most of the time, people think about struggles, challenges, and problems instead of the good things. On Thanksgiving, the blessings come first.

In fact, some families even take turns mentioning the things they are grateful for while having dinner.

Truly, Thanksgiving is a tradition that people would not want to miss.


Things You May Not Know about Thanksgiving

Knowing that this is such a celebrated event, it’s surprising to know that a lot of people know very little about it.

Here are just a few of the things a lot of people don’t know about Thanksgiving:

1.) There are conflicted opinions on WHEN and WHERE the first Thanksgiving was really held.

Joyful Thanksgiving

For the pilgrims, they did NOT treat the three-day celebration that happened in Plymouth in 1621 as Thanksgiving.

For them, it was just an occasion of worship and prayer as they gave thanks. What they consider as Thanksgiving would be July 1623, when Gen. William Bradford declared a day of celebration and thanks as the rain has finally come, ending the drought and saving the harvest.

In 1692, however, a Virginia senator asked JFK to issue a correction when he mentioned Plymouth as the venue for the first ever Thanksgiving. He says that it actually happened in Richmond in 1619 when English settlers had a religious ceremony to celebrate their arrival.


2.) Turkey was not the main dish served when the Pilgrims had the first Thanksgiving.

Joyful Thanksgiving

There was probably a chance that turkey was also served at the first ever Thanksgiving dinner. It was, however, not the main dish.

If you really want to have an authentic Thanksgiving experience, the Pilgrims and the Wampanoags ate venison, oysters and corn. Yes, cranberry was not the featured side dish, either.


3.) Not everyone liked the idea of proclaiming Thanksgiving as a national holiday.

Joyful Thanksgiving

Washington first called on all Americans to celebrate Thanksgiving as a nation in 1789. He asked everyone to gather on the last Thursday of the month of November. Some Members of the Congress objected.

They said that the official day of Thanksgiving is NOT up to the President, but is up to the individual State Governors. To stay on the safe side, Washington made a request for this day to be declared as Thanksgiving, but did not declare it as an order. Everyone went with it anyway.

To make your celebration even more meaningful, here are a few Thanksgiving quotes worth pondering on:


Thanksgiving Quotes

Thanksgiving Quotes Thanksgiving Quotes Thanksgiving Quotes Thanksgiving Quotes Thanksgiving Quotes Thanksgiving Quotes Thanksgiving Quotes Thanksgiving Quotes Thanksgiving Quotes Thanksgiving Quotes

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