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Most advertisers only have half a minute to reach out to consumers on a television commercial. The majority of commercials can fit into a few different archetypes. Advertising manipulates viewers into believing that they need a product or that a product will significantly improve their lives. Sometimes that manipulation comes in the form of appealing to the human sense of hunger but it often relates on a different level.

Adorable infants and animals are often used to draw in the more sensitive viewers, while physical humor draws in others. Everybody knows the phrase “sex sells,” and it is true to an extent. Advertisers use sexual innuendo to sell products all the time. Other products are sold on the basis of fear. Advertisers try to make consumers believe that something bad will happen if they do not make a purchase. If it’s not fear, some marketers give in to the idea of patriotism and nationalism.

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From: Top Marketing Schools

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