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Having a home-based business is a plus for owners who have that spirit of entrepreneurialism. Managed well, you can create opportunities and make money while you sit in your pajamas. As you run a business from home, you can run into some challenges to overcome, but because you are creative which is why you are home working, here are some concepts and processes to help you achieve your goals.

Stay Connected

stay connected

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It is common to work from home and begin to feel some isolation. You don’t have the camaraderie at the water cooler. This is easy to overcome and you will want to work to resist the urge to stay within those walls. Harness the power of the Internet through Social Networking. More than likely you have a Facebook page, Twitter account, You Tube, Foursquare, etc as we know technologies reach millions. But go further. Join local community organizations like the Chamber of Commerce, Kiwanis’s, etc., and build a network of people who you can deal with on a regular basis.

Meeting your Clients

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This can pose a problem for the home based business owner, but you can be creative and still offer a high level of professionalism.You have the option to meet our client for lunch and ask for a table in a corner where you can focus. Another option is to rent a venue, which will let you have a small space for a few hours. These office venues can give a look and feel of a real office without the overhead. You can always go to your client’s officealso. Depending on the level of meeting, pick your options.

Team Building

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Did you know there are businesses today completely virtual? Owners can see potential of adding to the team by technology as via Skype, and GoToMeeting resources on the Internet. You can have your entire team on-line looking at documents, planning a project, or whatever you choose as a home-based practitioner. Depending on your budget, you can draw your team into a non-virtual meeting several times a year. You will find that you can do anything from your home base that anyone in an office can do.
Don’t set limits; remember you choose to manage your professional life at home. It can work!

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Jared Diamond is an avid entrepreneurial advocate. On top of working with a national window tinting company, he is instrumental in coaching other up-start entrepreneurs.

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