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The economy is terrible, jobs are scarce, and the middle class is shrinking. Because it’s hard to find a job, people are disparate. I’ve read numerous articles in the past year, stating that people are filling out applications non-stop, hoping to get lucky. There is nothing wrong with hustling and creating better odds for yourself, however lying won’t get you anywhere.

Employers are not dumb. If you’re constantly overexerting, misleading, and inflating your resume, they can clearly notice it. The following infographic takes a look at how and why people lie on their resume. Always remember, that what goes around comes around. Nobody is going to hire a liar. Why? Because if a potential employee lied on their resume, God know what else they’ll lie about once they’re hired…

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The Dishonest Tradition of Fudging the Facts on a Résumé

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Posted by Igor Ovsyannykov

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