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Cancer, blood pressure, anaemia and still births. Ok these are all the bad things but are tea and coffee really that bad for you? They are our favourite drinks and they form an increasing aspect of our diet year after year. They are such an important part of life in this country that we even have dedicated rest periods in their honour such as ‘tea and coffee’ breaks. No other beverage gets this special treatment yet we are still regularly cautioned as to their side effects.

Of course not many people will be aware that some teas may contain pesticides and that drinking hot tea can lead to esophageal cancer. Scary stuff indeed!  However we need to have a balanced understanding if we are to fully assess the characteristics of these drinks. Two examples of theses positives are that white tea has the properties which may in fact help counteract obesity and that coffee can be an overall friend of your liver. These and other facts can be observed in the infographic below.

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Infographic researched and produced by Policy Expert home insurance; advisors and specialists in contents and buildings coverage.

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