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The world is built on the backs of the great entrepreneurs in history. Regardless of what society you are talking about or what time in history, the people who caused some of the greatest advances in business and commerce were entrepreneurs.

But what makes a great entrepreneur tick? There are several traits that all of the great entrepreneurs in history shared. As the next generation of entrepreneurs looks to start their own multi-million dollar corporations, they should all stop and learn some lessons from the great thinkers that came before them.


Great entrepreneurs believe that what they are doing has significant value to the world. They believe that what they are doing is important and needs to be done. They also believe that they are the only people that can get the job done right.

Successful business people believe in themselves and they believe in what they are doing. For most entrepreneurs, the need to complete the work they started drives them more than money ever could.


When a proactive and successful business owner gets focused on completing a task, he stays with that task until it is done. The truly great entrepreneurs in history were all well aware of deadlines, but most of them worked around the clock on a regular basis because they were dedicated to their ideas.

Entrepreneurs will sacrifice everything they have to make their business successful. The balance between family and business can be extremely difficult for an entrepreneur to maintain. If you study many of the great entrepreneurs in history, you will find that their families were either intimately involved in the business, or the family’s schedules were arranged around business activities.

No Boundaries

One of the traits that all great entrepreneurs share is that they understand their business and their industry at an expert level. They could have hours of discussions with anyone on the most minute details of how their business works and the trends in their industries.

The truly great entrepreneurs study the boundaries in their industries so that they can propel past those boundaries towards success. In order to expand the boundaries of something, you must first be an expert in the basics of its operation. Entrepreneurs examine their situations and continually try to find ways to go beyond the boundaries that have been set by others. The phrase “it cannot be done” becomes a challenge to an entrepreneur rather than a way of doing business.


Entrepreneurs do not always have the resources they need to get things done, especially in the early days of their businesses. But even when a truly great entrepreneur has access to plenty of resources, she still finds the need to be innovative.

Innovation is the sign of leadership. The company that innovates a new way of doing business or making a product, will be hailed as an industry leader. One of the challenges that all great entrepreneurs chase is the need to consistently be innovative and find better ways of doing things.


While entrepreneurs can be singularly focused on their goals, they are often required to be flexible in their methods. Being flexible means being able to recognize when one method is not working and it is time to use a different technique. This ability to stop the company’s course and adapt to conditions in the marketplace is one of the most important traits an entrepreneur will have.

Another form of being flexible is the ability to recognize when reaching a goal is not always possible with the most direct course of action. An entrepreneur will sometimes have to perform several process that can seem unrelated, just to achieve a final goal. But it is this flexibility that makes great entrepreneurs successful.

Always Learning

A great entrepreneur knows that he does not have all of the answers. A well-rounded education within his industry, and applicable knowledge from other areas of study, all come together to help the entrepreneur succeed.

You will find that most of the truly great entrepreneurs were always seeking answers to questions they could not answer. If someone else had the answer, then an entrepreneur was not going to let pride prevent a valuable education. Entrepreneurs ask questions and then actively seek the answers on a constant basis.

If you have the aspirations to be a great entrepreneur, then you need to start thinking like one. Every great entrepreneur throughout history has had similar traits that have helped them find success. Once you develop these basic traits, then you can pursue your business dreams.

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