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Sleeping in a relaxed and comfortable bedroom is nice, right? However, did it ever cross to you that your favorite crib could be harming Mother Nature?

Well, such predicament can certainly happen, especially if you are using too much electricity in powering the appliances in your haven. Fortunately, you can always relax and unwind in your bedroom without being too harsh to the environment.

Do you want to learn more? Here are some six tips for an eco-friendly night sleep!


Remove the Clutter


We should start to the simple things first.

One of the best ways to keep your bedroom eco-friendly is by removing the clutter in there. Any form of rubbish and garbage should be expelled in its vicinity. Of course, you should do the same thing in your entire house as well.

Furthermore, your fresh bedding, clothing, pillows, and other amenities in your bedroom are just consuming space. Not only they make the area cramped, but they also make it difficult for your AC to cool up your room.

Always remember that the cleanliness in your household can make a small yet significant impact on the environment.


Cover Your Windows

Do you want to cut your monthly power cost? The solution is straightforward, and it lies in your bedroom!

During the summer season, our energy cost tends to rise. On this period, we usually crank our air conditioners to the maximum so that we can neutralize the parched and dry weather.

Of course, that’s the most logical thing to do. However, once you look at your bill, it might change your mind at least.

You can lessen the heat in your room by covering all the entry points of the sunlight. Your windows should have blinds to minimize the amount of heat that is penetrating from the outside. Alternatively, insulated curtains are also a plausible solution.


Use a Cool Pillow

Another way to slash down the power cost–by not using air conditioners–is using a cool pillow.

Most of the time, the heat we feel in our bed is due to swampy and unventilated sleeping amenities. For instance, if you are lying on a pillow that doesn’t have a breathable construction, your head and neck region will immediately the heat.

There are great pillows that exhibit breathability on their design. One of these is the buckwheat pillows. They can promote proper airflow so that you can sleep without the aid of your air conditioner.


Get an Ergonomic Mattress

Many mattresses today come with flame retardants. Of course, their purpose is out of good intention. However, these are still chemicals, and you will never want your household, nor the environment is exposed to them.

If you are not too clumsy and careless, you should just pick mattresses that have harm-free construction. They should be made of all natural cotton, bamboo, and wool in your options.

Inevitably for some, conventional mattresses are their straight choice. Since they have fire retardants, you have to encase them on a chemical-free mattress cover.


Use All-Natural Blankets

The same with mattresses, blankets do have an organic option. In the market today, organic cotton blankets are gaining popularity because of its coolness and softness. However, it is also noted that this one is quite expensive.

Fortunately, you can have a safe alternative in the form of a 100% cotton blanket. They made not be as good as organic cotton blankets, but at least, they are eco-friendly.

In choosing a blanket, search for those that don’t have any stain-resistant and flame-resistant treatment. They can pose health issues to your family.


Turn Off the Lights

Some people love to sleep when the lights are on. However, other people cannot sleep at all if their environment is dark or dim.

Well, sleeping in dark or bright environments is a matter of personal preferences. However, the thing is, if you want to be eco-friendly, you have to opt to sleep without any lights.

Leaving the bulb or the lamp open throughout the night can significantly increase the energy consumption of your household. It is not a good thing, especially if you want to address the issue of energy source depletion.

Right now, learn how to embrace the darkness in your sleeping time. Trust me. Things are more comfortable this way.


Wrapping it Up

Sleeping on in an environment-friendly setting is a nice idea. Right now, we have to do our best to protect our natural resources and the world that we are living in. Cutting up electricity expenditures and opting for organic products in your bedroom are among the solutions for this.

In the long run, these small steps can help big in sustaining our ecosystem. Don’t you want that to happen?

That’s it for now. For questions and suggestions, feel free to drop them in the comment section below.


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