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Photography is not only about shooting good pictures, but it is classified into different types including landscape photography, food photography, event photography, etc. Food photography is related to the pictures of food that look appealing and mouth-watering to the people who see that picture. Food photography can be good or bad depending on how the photographer has captured the image.

An overly sauced steak might look unappealing, while a photo of roasted chicken drumsticks with herbs and vegetables on the side can make you salivate. So, it is the responsibility of the photographer to achieve the characteristics of mouth-watering food in the photo. The images of good food photography would make you want to take the food out of that photo and start eating it. In order to evoke the similar feeling, there are certain important tips to learn for shooting mouth-watering and delicious food photography.

Food Styling for Perfect Composition

The basic entertainment and challenge for shooting food photography include food styling that will give your image perfect aesthetic and composition. It is possible to shoot a single dish in several different ways, so that it tells a different story every time. A white background makes sense if you want to focus on the graphic and visual quality of the food.

For modern and sleek restaurant, the styling should be precise and clean using flawless glassware and white table linens. If you are willing to bring out a mood or feeling from your food photo, then it is a better choice to use props and an elaborate set. A collaborative effort of the chef and the photographer can convey good food styling.

Be Fast with Short Half-Life of Food

The photo of any food can be destroyed if it is not taken immediately and the food is kept under heat lamp while you plan to take your shot. Food is a subject that has a short window of time to look good enough for a photograph unlike other subjects. It means that you have to plan your shoot and set up lights before the food is even ready.

This requires fast working time, so that you can get the best shot of the food at the instant it is brought out. Sometimes, certain foods require time to be shot creating a fine line, so that they look more appetizing. Here, the bottom line is that you should wait for the food instead of making it wait for you.

Make Unappetizing Food Look Delicious

Some foods are meant to look plain and unappetizing, but a photographer has to make it look delicious. In such cases, the main focus of the photographer is to make the viewer think about the taste of the food instead of making it look pretty. The shot can be styled with the list of ingredients included in that particular dish that will perk up its photo for the viewers. Some life can be added to an unattractive dish with a nice garnish or parsley or rosemary alongside. Hence, it is important to add contrast and color to a colorless dish.














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