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In utmost cases, you will realize that your car will tend not to operate properly in times when you least expect it. It is on a cold day and even maybe during winter and there you go flat tires, dead battery or even collision. To always be ready for anything here are some important tools that you should have with you in your trunk in case of any road emergency.


1. First Aid Kit

First Aid Kit

This is very important in your car; you buy a pre-packaged kit or just assemble one on your own. Be sure to include things like antibiotic creams, assorted bandages, non-latex gloves pain killers bought over the counter, hand sanitizer, cotton swabs, allergy medicine as well as gauze.

You can also consider carrying a thermometer, heating pad a radio (battery powered) and any medications you feel you might need. You might work on your car long and get bruises or pinched finger that is why you need a first aid kit in your car.


2. Fire Extinguisher

When your car catches fire it is advisable you clear the area fast, in case you have any flare or even cigarette ash in the car then a fire extinguisher is the best to use to put off that fire.

Fires in cars may be caused by many factors like having flammable products in the car and maybe smoking in the car and not taking necessary precautions. You need to have an extinguisher in your car just in case of such minor accidents. The car might also blow up and cause such fire damage.


3. Water bottle

plastic watter bottle close up

Water is life, in your day to day activities you realize that you can’t do without water, the same applies to your car you need water in it as much as you need water at home. Water can be used for so many purposes.

First, you need to water to quench your thirst which can be pretty disturbing if you go long without water. You might also need water to clean off your clothes after a tire change or having oil on them, or even wash your hands. Water can also be poured into your radiator if the car overheats.


4. Jumper cables

It is so frustrating to have a dead car battery on the road since it can cause total unrest to you. Some batteries may not hold the charge but when you have jumper cables with you can help you reach the nearest spare part shop. Heavy gauge cables are the best, with long-lasting, quality spring-loaded clamps on both ends. A great and proper jumper set will be useful and can work on different types of cars and trucks.


5. Flashlight

black flashlight

Some car emergencies might occur at night when you least expect it, it is good if you carry a flashlight to get light in such times. You could use your phone as a torch but it is not good to run out of phone power just in cases of emergency. Therefore make sure a flashlight is in your car with extra batteries this will make you have enough light to make the experience less scary.

Imagine stuck in a car with a faulty heater, it can be a little traumatizing. It is good to put some clothes in the car which can be a lifesaver at some point. Blankets, sweatshirts and any other warm clothing should be a present item in your car. When you are living in a cold part you can also consider having a thermal sleeping bag in your car or even a fleece blanket. The blanket can be used as a window shade as well as a makeshift canvas or towel.


6. Tow strap

Imagine getting stuck in a plantation and cars that would have offered help just pass you by because your vehicle is not working and you don’t have a tow strap? Well, that is a little devastating and all you need is to get a tow strap and have it in your trunk just in case of any such trouble.

A strong fabric can be used a lot more than hauling a truck from a place to the other, A tow strap can help in many ways like have you move from place to place with just the help of a stranger’s car. Having this strap is also important for it can also be used for rescue missions. You might find some stuck friend or even a stranger.


7. Duct Tape

A duct tape is very important in a car; it can help you out in many situations where you might get stuck. It can help you fix temporary emergencies on hoses and it can also patch your car back together for some time to help you get to the nearest mechanic.

This will also help you from being stranded somewhere or even spending on a tow truck. Get quality tape since the more expensive stuff sticks better and in a wider range of situations and temperatures.


8. Socket and screwdriver set

car equipment

In any car at some time some things will get loose, this may be caused by vibration, age or any other reason. A little tightening will help, battery terminal might get loose and this will be your saving tool. Under the hood, you might find problems like slipped hose clamp or some other major loose or disconnected sections. Get multiple sockets and screwdriver tips for flexibility and check them to be familiar with how they work before storing them in your car.


9. Life hammer

This simple tool might seem useless but trust me it might turn out to be your savior. In some instances, you might get stuck and get your car under water.

This hammer will be used to break your window and let you out. You might also get into problems like fire in the car or the need to cut the safety belts to get you into safety. This tool will help you with your issue. Make sure it is an item you have in your car.



At any given time when you are traveling or even when your car is at home make sure that you have all the above tools and be sure to have them in your car so that you will not forget. They are tools that can save your life and even keep you safe. You should also carry a portable car cover because it is the history of pickup trucks easiest way to protect your car against hail when you park outside.

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