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Content marketing is the future of marketing. Indeed, marketers are rushing in droves to create content, while abandoning traditional marketing outlets like PR, radio, print and TV, and even web search. But many are running into unexpected problems. If you’re involved in content marketing, you probably face difficulties yourself. Here are the five big problems content marketers face, and how to overcome them.



Creating content takes focus — a lot of it. Problematically, when you complete one piece of content, you’re left with the daunting task of creating another. That means avoiding all distraction and re-harnessing your mental energy. It’s a challenge to pull yourself together for yet another piece of content, but consider the alternative: hours wasted, and nothing done. That’s why it helps to have a multi-pronged attack on your distraction. Recommended weapons are moderate amounts of coffee, occasional walks, and distraction-blocking web apps.


Too many content marketers concern themselves with the SEO practices of yesteryear. But a keyword density of 1.5783673 percent and armies of inbound links just aren’t effective as they used to be. What search engines really want to see now is human-readable and human-shareable content. You should always focus on creating content that your audience will enthusiastically consume and share with their friends.


Content marketing is a marathon. Too many marketers have a strong start, and then simply… peter out. To avoid content-creation fatigue, a few strategies can be helpful. Jot down content ideas whenever you have them. Use this idea list as you “content reservoir.” Don’t save the ideas on you list for a “better” time, but draw from it whenever you’re creating content. Make sure to feed yourself with great content, too. Find a few content creators whose work you respect — both in and out of your industry — and follow them. And finally, rest. Try to find time when you’re not creating or consuming content. Use this time for your own mental regeneration.

Over-reliance on Your Blog

Your company blog is your kingdom. But like any wise monarch, you must learn to see beyond its borders. You know your customers aren’t just living there. They’re living on social media, on other blogs, and on video sites. They’re all over, and that’s where you need to be. So make sure you’re engaged and interesting on social media. Guest post on other blogs. And turn that recent post into a video. End goal? Make your content ubiquitous.

Lack of Planning

Failure to plan can foil any content marketer’s best intentions. You need to be able to see beyond this month’s blog posts. So here are a few questions to help you get out of the no-planning rut. What is the big story you’re telling about your company? Whom is your content helping? Does your content create hunger for your products or services? Are you learning from reader comments? Answering these questions will help you develop an effect content plan.

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Posted by Paul Gray

Paul Gray is a Media Coordinator at Koeppel Direct, a leading direct response television and media buying agency with extensive experience buying for a wide range of products/services.

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