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Your clients and/or customers don’t care how or why their website is down. They want their website up and running. If end-users cannot interact with their website or web application, they will be pretty agitated.

If you’re in charge of monitoring or managing multiple websites for clients, it’s strongly advised that you have some sort of website monitoring software working for you 24/7. Not knowing exactly when your website/websites went down, will only generate uncertainty when you’re trying to fix this problem.

Monitoring your websites and servers is a smart business decision. To make your life easier, we’ve collected a short list of free/paid monitoring apps worthy of your attention. Enjoy!

1. Pingdom


Pingdom is trusted by 300,000+ customers. Companies like Dell, Twitter, Instagram, Dropbox, Github, Pinterest, Spotify, Google, and many more are faithful to Pingdom’s website monitoring service. The second your site goes down, you’ll the first to know. Currntly you’re able to try a 30 risk free trial, and after that the cheapest plan starts at $9.95 a month.

2. Down For Everyone Or Me


Down For Everyone Or Me is simple as it looks. Simply paste a url and you’ll see if the website is down or not.

3. Site24x7


Just by reading their name, you can probably guess what their service is all about. Site24x7 delivers easy, fast, and effective web server monitoring. They also provide awesome features like:

  • Server Performance Monitoring
  • Monitoring for Cloud Apps
  • Website Uptime Monitoring
  • Website Monitoring Reports
  • Instant Notifications
  • Website Monitoring from a Global Perspective

A free 15 day trial is available, and after they offer various types of accounts.

4. Uptime Robot


Uptime Robot allows you to monitor up to 50 websites at a time. Your websites will be checked every five minutes, and if it happens to go offline, you will get an alert via email, SMS, RSS, Twitter, and push notifications. Don’t worry, you can select one or multiple alert options.

5. Are my sites up


Are my sites up provides easy website monitoring.  You can try their service free for 15 days, and after that they administer affortable plans. You can even resell their service to others with their White Label program.

6. Down Notifier


Down Notifier provides free quality monitoring. You can even receive free email alerts when your website is down. For $14.95 a year, it will monitor every minute (instead of every 5 minutes with their free version.)

7. Port-Monitor


Port Monitor was made by a startup company called Nazaries IT which is located in Spain. This easy to use online tool checks if your websites and servers are up 24/7. It also provides custom reports showing response times and downtime causes.

8. Wupbox


Wupbox is a great tool for monitoring your website from different locations and to make sure that everything is working. They have servers around the world to ensure that your websites are checked every single minute throughout the day.

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