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Attorneys- those detail-oriented, intelligent, type-A individuals can be rather hard to shop for.

Getting them sophisticated gifts that require taking time to learn or use is pointless. And considering that they spend half of their lives reading, it will be months before they can find time to read a book for pleasure.

But the holiday is fast approaching, and you want to present a gift to that healthcare defense attorney, who saved your medical institution from a lawsuit.

The question is: what gift could you possibly give to that attorney?

This article highlights the best gifts to give a lawyer.


1. Lawsuit- the board game

Lawsuit Board Game

It is one of the most interesting board games for legal professionals. This game was invented by two parents, who aimed at teaching their kids the legal profession.

Since it invention, Lawsuit has become increasingly popular, and we’re certain that any lawyer will enjoy playing it.

Apart from providing a quick way to unwind, Lawsuit enlightens novice attorneys on how to be a master in a courtroom.


2. Instant Pot

Programmable Pressure Cooker

One thing attorneys have to get used to, is having long days and nights, preparing for cases. It means that cooking is often the last thing on their mind. Whether a foodie or not, lawyers still need to eat and maintain balanced diets lest they compromise their health.

It is where Instant Pot saves the day.

It’s a type of programmable pressure cooker, which monitors and automatically regulates the cooking temperatures depending on the amount of food being cooked.

You can choose to prepare your meal instantly or program the cooker to prepare it later.

What’s more, this instant pot keeps the food hot for a maximum of ten hours.


3. Noise canceling headphones


Often, lawyers need some quiet time to go through evidence or write up essential documents.

For such instances, noise-cancelling headphones can come in handy.

They may not be capable of blocking out all the noise.

However, they help in dampening distractions; hence, they can be a godsend for that lawyer in your life.


4. Cross cut paper shredder

AmazonBasics 8-Sheet Cross-Cut Paper and Credit Card Shredder

When a lawyer wants to get rid of a client’s documents, he can throw them into a trash can.

However, nosey individuals may try to retrieve this information by reading through the disposed papers.

This can end up causing physical, social and emotional harm, if the perpetrator attempts to blackmail your client.

Thankfully, an attorney can avoid all this by shredding clients’ documents rather than putting them in the recycling bin.

Do you have a friend or sibling who is just starting out his law firm, a cross-cut paper shredder may be the best gift you can ever give him.


5. Foldable Bluetooth keyboard

Foldable Bluetooth Keyboard

Currently, there’s an influx of legal apps that make it easier for attorneys to take their profession on the go. Most of them only need a phone or tablet to get a particular task done.

Unfortunately, working exclusively from a touchscreen can be a bit tiring.

This is where a foldable keyboard helps. The lawyer can simply put this device in his pocket and use it to draft lengthy documents regardless of where they are.


The Bottom Line

If you’ve been searching for the ideal gift for your ally, family member or colleague, who is in the legal sector, our article will provide indispensable help.

The best lawyer gift ideas include an instant pot, a cross cut paper shredder, Lawsuit- the board game and noise cancelling headphones.

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