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RightFont is a lightweight font app for Mac. The program lets users preview, sync, download and manage fonts on their Mac, Dropbox or Google Drive. It also provides easy font management functionality for primarily for Photoshop, Illustrator, and Sketch. provides designers the latest inspirations for font pairings. For easy search, all combinations are searchable by category and keyword tags. The site also displays sample websites with the corresponding typefaces used on the design.

Type Sample

Type Sample is a typography tool that identifies web fonts using a bookmarklet. Users can save up to three samples of font for free. For unlimited samples, users are required to pay a small amount ($5) a year.

Font Pair

Font Pair aids designers to amalgamate Google Fonts seamlessly. The site divides the possible pairings into six categories: Sans-Serif/Serif, Serif/Sans-Serif, Sans-Serif/Sans-Serif, Cursive/Sans-Serif, Cursive/Serif and Serif/Serif.

Type Detail

Type Detail is an excellent resource for everything a designer needs to know about a particular web typeface. The site features one font a day, listing all its relevant and unique details. The program also lists the reasons why certain fonts are perfect for certain web designs.

Font Shop

Font Shop, as the name implies, is a cross between an e-commerce site and online directory of typography. The site also provides font news and updates. It’s a great resource for people who want to get custom fonts or be a font designer.


Prototypo lets designers create their own fonts in just a few clicks. The real-time software helps users generate customized fonts fast and easy without the need for drawing or coding skills. All Prototypo-created fonts can be used on web design and other web-based applications.

Font Fit

Font Fit is an advanced online source of typography that lets users find the right font or font pairings to fit their design project. The site boosts an extensive library of typefaces split per classifications for a faster and easier font search. It also helps users determine the appropriate size of fonts to fit the design accurately.

My Fonts

My Fonts’ What the Font is a unique typography search tool. The program lets users upload a sample image of an unknown font, and the site’s database will present the possible font matches in seconds. If its extensive directory is unable to produce results, users can go the website forum for possible answers.

Font Awesome

Font Awesome is a font and CSS toolkit. It provides designers scalable vector icons that are easy to customize. Anything that can be carried out via CSS applies to the program.

Download Free Fonts

Download Free Fonts, as the name suggests, is a website that lets users download fonts without charge. It’s one of the largest font depositories online. For easy search, all fonts are categorized alphabetically.

The League of Movable Type

The League of Movable Type is a well-curated resource of the best movable fonts online. Since 2009, the team behind the program, aka The League, has successfully launched several well-made, free and open-source fonts.

Lost Type

Lost Type is a unique typography resource that implements a Pay-What-You-Want type foundry. The site offers a beautiful collection of 50+ font faces from designers around the globe. The full 100% payment from a sale goes directly to the font designer.

Type Novel

Type Novel is a Tumblr-powered resource of unique fonts found online. The site features images with cool and often unpopular fonts.

Free Faces

Free Faces is a website that offers free fonts seen on different sites. It acts as a directory of fonts designers can check for commercial or personal use. For easy search, fonts are split into six categories: Sans, Serif, Cursive, Slab, Mono, and Display.

It’s always best to check the license of the font before you download and use it. This is a practice you must do, even for purchased fonts, to protect yourself (or your client) from legal troubles.  

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