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The amount of blogs nowadays is staggering. In fact, it is absolutely normal because a lot of people want to share their opinions on the Web with each other, and they try to do it different ways. Some do well, and some are simply impossible to read because not everyone is Shakespeare.  Some people earn money with their blogs because these blogs are professional ones, and are made in an interesting and well-considered way.

Personally I, a blogger with a two years’ experience, feel absolutely shocked sometimes because of the amount of blogs and – what is especially frightening – the amount of senseless information in them. People are writing about something abstract, without a bind to a real world and without interesting the reader; even a laconic and without an understandable style. Today we are going to break this tradition, and whether you’re a good blogger or bad – it will be interesting for you to read about the subject.


The problem is that people who have blogs do not use any adequate tools for varying their posts or for making them a bit easier to read. Not with the fonts (yet the font is very important, as you may guess), but with means of pictures, relevant links, and other things. All these things really do help if people do not want to read your text. Such tools are widely used by professional bloggers, but very rarely used by common ones. Because most people are lazy creatures and don’t know how to use such tools and what is the profit of learning about them.

Basically, the most popular platform for making a blog is WordPress. It is a complex, well-considered tool for keeping a blog. It has hundreds of themes, so you don’t have to draw your own website. Personally I use WordPress and I’m never going to leave it.

Today’s tool is quite good both for common users and for professionals; it is well-known Zemanta. Zemanta works under abovementioned WordPress engine. It is built in to the admin panel of your blog and works in real-time mode. The advantages are the following:

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1) Zemanta is readily pulls out of the Web all of the pictures it finds necessary or relevant. The pictures are not really awesome, but many of them really come in handy when you don’t have your own. It tales out only free-to-copy pictures, not making you to check out whether the copyrights of the picture are violated or not. This is a great pro.

2) The same goes with other relevant content. Links, feeds, and other handy stuff that is loved by bloggers is also chosen by Zemanta and presented to you in order to choose the most relevant ones. It works greatly because you don’t have to spend time on looking for all those feeds and links on your own.

3) The third thing has already been mentioned, but is so great that is worth mentioning once more; everything works in real time. This means that you don’t have to check for another link if you had decided to change the text a bit. The Zemanta engine works perfectly, finding the exact needed information in a few seconds. Your task is only to check out and choose the necessary ones.

This is what Zemanta is like. As for me, it is one of the greatest tools for blogging ever made.

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Posted by Tamika Clifford

Hi there everyone. My name is Tamika Clifford; I am professional content manager and a freelance specialist in IT and computing business. Also I am a techno-blogger, running my own blog here and when I have free time I am engaged into travelling, visiting famous exhibitions and conferences and making reviews on some questions connected with IT and software usage. I am particularly interested in Mac software and development.

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