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Revisiting the past takes a whole new meaning with Khánh Hmoong’s photos. Hmoong, a photographer based in Vietnam, is famous for incorporating old photographs onto new ones. He takes landscape photos all over his country, holding a super-imposed old photo and cleverly overlapping the old one to the new backdrop. He essentially merges two time periods, exposing their similarities and differences at the same time. Hmoong, who is also a coffee shop owner, fastidiously aligns photos from the past in its original position, subjecting the viewer to the changes that have taken place in different specific settings. It’s a clever play of the old meeting the new.

Although this is not a new concept (check out this Tumblr account), Hmoong’s photographs all over Vietnam takes the idea to the next level. His vision, at least as of the moment, is very much centralized in his native land. Aptly, he titled the series, Vietnam – Looking Into the Past. And it is truly what he delivers – the juxtaposition of his country’s past and present. Hmoong’s rising recognition also paves way of seeing his native land in a different light. He doesn’t limit himself with Vietnam’s well-known tourist destinations. He takes photographs of everyday Vietnam settings to showcase how time can change a place and how time can preserve it in a way all at once.

A native of Nha Trang, Vietnam, Hmoong is a self-taught photographer. He never completed photography training in school, but used his love for film photography to learn, and continuously so, the craft. He’s new to the photography world, starting just over three years ago. You’ll never see him without his Nikon FM and Lomo LC-A cameras. But he usually use his Nikon D90 for his Vietnam series.

A couple of inspiration plays a huge part in Hmoong’s photography. The first one is his love for traveling. He often gets inspired to create new images when he’s on a trip. Plus, he plans to travel a lot in the future and document his adventure through film photography. His dream destinations are Nepal, Bhutan, and United Kingdom, particularly in Liverpool since he’s a big Beatles fan. And speaking of the famous Brit group, Hmoong’s other source of inspiration is music. He’s a band enthusiast – admiring the works of Nirvana and Pink Floyd.

Music, travel, coffee and photography are the blend that makes Khánh Hmoong one of rising stars of photography today.





















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I'm a digital nomad and entrepreneur bouncing around South East Asia. When I'm not working here, I'm out taking photos. Follow me on Instagram: @igorovsyannykov

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