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Having a good chair can make the difference between complete comfort or body pain (and possibly terrible back problems down the road). When it comes to finding the right office chair, being cheap is the dumbest thing you can do. If saving money is more important that your health, then I guess we’re not on the same page.

By having a good and proper chair for your work, you’ll eliminate the possibility of terrible back and neck pain. Plus, cheap chairs will break easily and sooner or later you’ll find yourself in the endless cycle of buying cheap crap every one or two years. So why not buy a great chair once and have no regrets down the road?

Let’s have a look at our top pics for professional chairs.

Steelcase Leap Fabric Chair

Steelcase Leap Fabric Chair

A beautifully designed, ergonomic and strong chair with a comfortable fit that provides the perfect support for your back. You can easily adjust the arm positions. Control the movement of the upper back and lower back by adjusting the firmness. The material on the chair soaks up moisture and absorbs heat to keep your back at the right temperature. The Leap chair fits you comfortably for the entire day.

Buy $889.00

Air Grid Leather Chair

Air Grid Leather Chair

The Office Star Space Professional Air Grid Chair is one of the best on the market. Renowned for being purchased for use in military services, this chair is known for providing the ultimate comfort needed for those who work up to 12 hours a day. With its thickly padded contour seat to support the back and heavy duty base, it stands out from the crowd. It’s also covered with a breathable mesh, making it body temperature comfortable as well.

All in all, the Professional Air Grid Chair is a great buy. It has many adjustable settings which allow you to tailor the chair to your body type. The lumbar support means that your weight is evenly distributed giving good back support. The height adjustment also gives that added sense of comfort, allowing your feet to sit comfortable on the floor. It has a sleek, modern and stylish look, which makes it desirable to have in any office.

Buy $169.00

Raynor Ergohuman

Raynor Ergohuman

The Raynor Ergohuman chair boasts of many good features such as seat adjustment, height adjustment, a headrest, and it allows you to lean back. This chair is so comfortable that people report falling asleep on it! What makes it an outstanding purchase is that it also comes with a 5 year warranty. The chair also has commendable features such a tilt control, which allows you to adjust the chair to the preferred slant for your body, as well as good back angle adjustment.

The Raynor Ergohuman chair is top of the range, and for its price, gives the quality that you would expect. It also comes in a variety of colors, such as blue, grey, black and orange. With swivel wheels it makes it easy to move around while doing important tasks. The upholstery is of the finest quality and also comes with mesh covering that promotes hygiene and temperature control.

If you want your chair to be confortable, last for years, and be durable,  this chair is an absolute must have for any office.

Buy $649.00

Herman Miller Aeron

Aeron Chair by Herman Miller

With a 12-year warranty, Herman Miller claims to provide comfort that no other chair can provide. It has high tech fabric, namely graphite and carbon, putting it above the rest. It has extra padding, which gives ultimate comfort, but it also gives the chair a unique look.

It’s easy to assemble and the delivery is timeless. The Aeron chair distributes body weight throughout making it a guaranteed chair for comfort. It also has mesh fabric, but the mesh is tighter, giving a more luxurious and less economical look. Keep in mind that all the product parts are fully replaceable.

Buy $577.15

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