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A logo is a critical and essential part of formulating and promoting a brand or identity, and every business needs identity in an often overcrowded market.  When you attempt to sell any service or product it is essential that you inform your consumers of precisely who you are. A logo does that in a fraction of a second. At a glance, one can see who you are when they see your well-designed business logo graphic.

There are very few businesses that function without a logo. In fact, I would even go so far as to say that it is almost unheard of.  Having a logo will, over time, allow the public to not only recognize, but start to trust your company in order to gain repeat customers, which in turn increases your company’s reputation by proof of your worth in the social world.  If you have no logo or identifying message or symbol, then how will customers be able to associate products to your brand?  Take the Coca-Cola product range and brand for example: when customers see the Coke logo they often instantly think of refreshment, and they have trust in that brand.

Benefits of  a Good Logo:

  • solidify your brand
  • increase recognition
  • instill trust
  • develop repeat customers
  • rise above competition

Promote Your Logo

However simply creating your logo is not enough on its own.  In order to create the sort of brand identity and consumer respect Coca-Cola or Pepsi enjoy, you need to promote this logo and image in every marketing advert or promotion your produce.  It is essential to have your company logo displayed prominently in order to gain maximum exposure.  In fact, a unique and attractive logo can actually gain your company a worldwide following in itself.

Site Features as Logos

And remember, if you have a unique feature on your website that has a graphic to go with it, that becomes a type of logo in itself, that will forever be associated with your company. Think of Facebook, for example–the “like” button, which is essentially an extension of their main logo, arguably helped increase the massive worldwide following they’ve experienced. So careful consideration must go into those special feature graphics. You don’t want to just slap on any graphic in order to get that part of building your website done, especially when such graphics can become great catalysts for change in your company.

Beware of Bad Logo Design

There is a small word of warning however which you should take note of, take logo creation extremely seriously as it could literally make or break your business in the long term.  Think of GAP and their disastrous re-launch a couple of years ago; their newly released logo caused so much upset amongst their customers who eventually threatened to stop shopping at the store.  This then forced GAP to revert back to their original design or face a massive decrease in sales.  It is thus essential to have your logo created by a professional design agency who will be able to assist you in the choosing of your design and the creation of a worldwide brand.


A logo is essential to the longevity of any business, no matter what market you are currently operating in.  A brand facilitated by a logo allows your company to stand out about above competitors whilst building a repeat user base and sometimes even a solid fan base, all things which will help your business not only survive, but potentially gain a massive market share. To show you some successful logo designs, we collected some incredible examples. Feel free to check them out, and get inspiration for your own business.

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Posted by Sera Filson

is an Asst. SEO Project Manager, writer, entrepreneur and professional student who's currently pursuing a B.A. in Business Management. She manages her busy life by staying organized with Outlook, which uses Intermedia's Hosted Exchange.


  1. excellent! A short guide every person called “graphic designer” should follow! Thanks a lot!

  2. Kennic Vermeille August 6, 2011 at 11:17 pm

    I do enjoy the logos, theyre quite sexy. The thing however is that a logo doesnt signify instant business success. Logo design can be very subjective and any logo that doesnt trigger the “someone made this in paint” reaction is fine. Its the brand behind the business thats important.

  3. Cool post! Really enjoyed checking out the logo designs.

  4. @Kennic The thought and art that goes into a logo can have an influence on your business since all humans are affected by art. It’s how you affect them that matters when it comes to business logos. Whether you want to use bold designs to signify strength, pastels to instill calm, classy fonts to emanate quality, etc…the feelings your art invokes will coincide with general feelings customers have about your business in general. However your business is run, a good logo can remind folks of that at a second’s glance, and REINFORCE the image you wish your company to reflect. (Yet it’s true, a great logo with a poor business behind it isn’t going to succeed, and vice versa. That’s a given.)

  5. A bad logo can kill a nice designed site. The weakest link (the logo) will make an overall bad impression.

  6. Logo is a face of any web site and if it doesn’t look good or compliment a web design than it won’t get success.

  7. Wise words about the value of logos (and some great examples too), many thanks for the article.

  8. So many examples of great logos! I would like to see some more examples of bad logos and why they failed though. Totally right about Gap though!

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