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Freelancing on the Internet is supposed to be something that anyone on this planet that has a computer and solid writing skills can do. Even though this is somewhat true, it also somewhat untrue. Let me explain.

The Internet has opened up a huge door for people that want to work from their bedroom either full time or part time just to make a little bit of extra cash. The only problem is – there is so much competition. No matter what your skill is, whether it be writing, graphic design, programming, link building, social media, or any other type of skill that is valuable to people that run websites, you will soon find that there is usually always somebody out there that can do a better job for less money.

This is especially the case for a venue like, and it is even more true in this case if you have absolutely no experience (feedback) and are new to the system, as you will technically be the least qualified person to perform any types of work on a website where low price, turnaround time, and experience is what will get you the job – not to mention the overload of users that a website like this already has.

The Key Is to Find Better Vendors

But where does one search to do so. Certainly there are many freelancing type websites, or even individual business entity’s that are always looking for people with certain skills. However the problem with these types of platforms is the same as the problems you get with – it is oversaturated, to a lesser degree of course, but still oversaturated.

Forums are like a gold mine for freelancers. Many webmasters are always looking for part time work, and many webmasters are affiliated with one or more forums. The key is to establish an authority in a forum. Obviously if you have no intentions of sticking it out in forums if you are not going to promote your services, then you shouldn’t be joining the forum in the first place, as you will probably not be welcomed at this point.

The major advantage in joining forums is that you will be able to build long term relationships with people that are just like you. The Internet is a wonderful place to build business relationships, as your relationships can come from all over the world – all you need to connect with people is an Internet connection.

There are many different types of forums and services that you can offer in forums link building is a big one in high demand. Some types forums that you should join that make it possible to pull potential long term clients out of include:

1. Webmaster Related (Creating, and earning from a website)
2. Money Saving/Free Stuff Related
3. Miscellaneous (General, all types of money making and saving topics)
4. Affiliate/Internet Marketing Related
5. Work At Home Related
6. Online Get Paid to Programs and HYIP Related
7. Business Related
8. Domain Name Related

Networking is the key to making money on the internet – and forums are the golden spot for starting.

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Posted by Anthony Benedict

This article was written by Anthony Benedict. Anthony helps to run and maintain - which is an Internet marketing company that specializes in a white label link building service.

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