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There are literally millions of websites in the world, and each one has its own design. Aside from the websites designed for large companies and retailers, the majority of website designs suck. There are a variety of reasons why so many web designs are so bad, and avoiding these problems can help a web designer market and improve their work. Examine some of the following reasons to determine why so many web designs are not up to the standard they should be.

Web designs suck because people do it themselves

Many people think that web design is easy. They believe that simply slapping a few lines of code together is good enough to keep customers or show off their products. They use a free design or work from the ground up with a free web design software.

These designs lack professionalism, and often contain elements that do not belong on web pages, such as too many fonts, colors, or a lack of organization. It is easy to see which web designs are created by professionals and which designs are created by amateurs.

Web designs suck because people are cheap

A good web design takes time and money to complete. A professional designer may have to spend weeks on one site, and projects are not cheap. Most people do not want to pay the high price for the art consultancy they would receive with a professional, and try to avoid hiring a professional because of the money.

Most people have a hard time believing they have to spend thousands of dollars to hire a web designer, so they don’t. They use a cheap designer with one or two web design classes, or they try to complete the project themselves.

Web designs suck because many designers don’t care

There are a lot of web designers out there, but not everyone has the talent for the job. Many students and people just getting into the web design business have the background knowledge to create a website, but lack the artistic skills that separate them from the truly talented designers. These sloppy designers are perfectly happy to create sub-standard work for a lower rate because they are not as good at designing as a true professional.

Web designs suck because they use too much experimental technology

Some web designers go crazy with the latest technology and programming techniques in web design. However, many of these programming languages and processes have problems with certain browsers or give a website a strange look. When a designer piles on too many features, the website is cluttered and visitors are distracted from what they came to view on the website.

A good design should direct a person to their destination easily without videos, sounds, crazy effects, and unusual programming. In most cases, a designer should only use one or two new programming methods on his or her site to avoid causing unwanted problems.

Web designs suck because owners do not update enough

Some people think that if they build a website one time, that they are done and will never have to update again. This is why there are still website designs created in the late 1990s floating around the Internet. A web design is kind of like office art. If you don’t change it every few years, people get bored.

Modern designs are sleeker, cleaner, and contain more visually based elements and new programming styles that work better with today’s programs and applications. If you don’t update your designs every few years, you site will quickly look dated and out of place among fresher designs.

The best way to avoid these common problems with poor web design is to hire a qualified, professional designer that will work with you constantly to keep your site updated and fresh. This will prevent your site from looking bad and reflecting poorly on your company or personal image.

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Posted by Andras Deak

Andras Deak is an occasional guest-blogger and a full-time communication and design consultant. Currently, he works for Code23, a UK based web design agency building the best web designs out there. Andras likes to read a lot about modern communication and psychology in his free time, as well as going abroad and discovering new places all over the globe.

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